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How To Restart A Service On My Dedicated Server

How To Restart A Service On My Dedicated Server?

In the following articles you can find information for enabling you to restart a service on your dedicated server by using a Web Host Manager. It should be noted that, reputed dedicated server hosting providers can efficiently take care of restarting your dedicated hosting service. It is highly recommended to restart services on your dedicated server for the purpose of troubleshooting in the event of stoppage of services or installation of new software.

Restarting a service by manual process

You need to log in to your Web Host Manager as root and scroll down the navigation bar on left to the section 'Restart Services'. You will be shown following list of services:
  1. DNS Server (BIND/ NSD/ MyDNS)
  2. FTP Server (ProFTPd/ PureFTPd)
  3. HTTP Server (Apache)
  4. IMAP Server (Courier/ Dovecat)
  5. Mail Server (Exim)
  6. SQL Server (MySQL)
  7. SSH Server (Open SSH)
From the above list you can select a particular service that is to be restarted. Your Web Host Manager will confirm the action to be taken by asking 'Are you sure you wish to restart this service?

Click on the 'Yes' button for restarting, the desired service.

Enabling monitor for selecting Auto Restart Services

You can allow your dedicated server to auto restart disabled services by activation of monitor for enabling services. The following process can be adopted for the same.

Log in to Web Host Manager as root and navigate to Service Configuration to select Service Manager. Check both the options of 'Enabled' and 'Monitor' by scrolling the service for you wish to enable the monitor. Save the changes at the bottom of the change by clicking relevant icon.

It should be noted that the administration attention may be required for the services that are repeatedly failing. Services such as Entropy Chat Server, Exim Mail Server, EximStats, and Antilayerd should be reported to administrator for solution.

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