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How To Reboot Your Dedicated Server Via Whm

How to Reboot Your Dedicated Server Via WHM?

In order to reboot your dedicated server via Web Host Manager (WHM), you will need a dedicated server that is provided with Web Host Manger and cPanel. Usually a process of rebooting your dedicated server with help of Web Host Manager should last for ten to fifteen minutes.

The first step is to get access details of your dedicated server. Your host can provide a default set of passwords and that are provided by your host and can be accessed via control panel.

Login to your control panel by using username and password and click the relevant option from among different types of servers including Dedicated Server, Cloud Server, and Virtual Server. You can select a specific sever that you want to access by clicking the name of server for example DSVR789123.

You will reach server overview page and now you can click View Server Access Details. The new page will show you details of default server access. While logging in to your dedicated server via Web Host Manager, you should log in as 'administrator'.

Follow the steps mentioned below to access your Web Host Manager. By opening an internet browser enter https://ipserver:2087, here 'serverip' should be replaced with IP address of your server. Please note that the browser will indicate a security warning in case it is the first time, you are accessing Web Host Manager. It is because Web Host Manager and cPanel are secured with help of self signed certificate.

Depending on the browser, you have to select the next option. If you are using a chrome browser, press 'proceed anyway, and overlook 'back to safety' option. You will now be directed to WHM log in window. Enter user name and password to log in to Web Host Manager.

Now choose the type of reboot you wish to execute by scrolling down to the 'System Reboot' option. You will be shown two options including 'Graceful Server Reboot' and 'Forceful System Reboot'. Choose the option 'Graceful System Reboot'.

On the subsequent screen, that shows 'Graceful Server Reboot', click to proceed. It will take some time before your server comes on line. Please note the message 'reboot under progress' before this happens.

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