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How To Optimize A Drupal Website Hosted On A Dedicated Solution

How To Optimize A Drupal Website Hosted On A Dedicated Solution?

Thanks to the root access offered to users in a dedicated server environment, it is relatively very easy to make changes in settings. You can modify global settings of MySQL database in dedicated server to enhance better performance of your Drupal Website. Following settings can be implemented in /etc/my.cnf file of a Website that is based on Drupal. 

 - Max Connections: 800
 - Max User Connections: 36M
 - Key Buffer: 36M
 - Myisam Sort Buffer Size: 64M
 - Join Buffer Size: 2M
 - Read Buffer Size: 2M
 - Sort Buffer Size: 3M
 - Table Cache: 1024
 - Thread Cache Size: 286
 - Interactive Timeout = 25
 - Wait Timeout = 1800
 - Connect Timeout = 10
 - Max Allowed Packet = 1M
 - Max Connect Errors = 999999
 - Query Cache Limit = 1M
 - Query Cache Size = 16M
 - Query Cache Type: 1
 - Tmp Table Size : 16M

Drupal enjoys remarkable popularity as a reliable and stable Content Management Solution. It can perform exceedingly well for all types of websites. Given below are some tips to optimize Drupal CMS on your website.

Optimizing Drupal database and enabling caching for Drupal is useful for Drupal optimization. Besides this, you can you need to enable page compression, and optimization of Java Script Files and CSS Files. Modification of global MySQL settings is essential for dedicated servers using Drupal.

Getting associated with a reliable Drupal dedicated server hosting service provider can ensure deployment of Drupal optimized dedicated server without hassles. This most all-round Web development tool can empower your website if optimized properly. Quick and perfect initial setup of Drupal dedicated hosting service is ideal for starting a new Drupal project or moving an existing Drupal website.

With Drupal CMS offered by reliable hosting provider, users can expect facilities to publish, organize, and manage, content. Smartly optimized Drupal dedicated website can be tweaked to enjoy wide spectrum of functions in a customized environment.

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