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How To Create A Cpanel Account On Dedicated Server

How To Create A Cpanel Account On Dedicated Server?

Even before creating a new account, a package in WHM must be created first. Now, under Account Functions tab, click "Create an Account". The user needs to fill up many fields once "Create a New Account" is clicked. The details about the fields are mentioned below -

The domain name, for which the cPanel is created, has to be filled in. If needed, cPanel account for sub-domain can also be created. While typing the domain name, don't use www. before the same.

A username will automatically be suggested by WHM when the username field is clicked. You can't use spaces, special characters, or hyphens in the usernames, which are limited to 8 characters only. Username of root can also be used as that has already being taken up by server.

While creating cPanel account, usage of unique as well as secured password is essential. Never use cPanel username in it. WHM password should also not be used for cPanel of the customer. If you do that, the security risk will increase. Password generation tool can be used for generating password. 

For enabling issuance of automatic notification straight to your email id, email address should be included in the WHM.   

DNS Settings
Locally configured shared name servers will be used if "Use the name servers specified at the Domain's Registrar" is not selected. 

For completing account creation process, click "Create" button.

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