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How Many Ip Addresses Come With My Dedicated Server

How Many IP Addresses Come With My Dedicated Server?

If you are wondering how many IP addresses come with your dedicated server, the answer is that you can expect up to 2 IP addresses. We offer, in addition to IP addresses for greater businesses efficiency, a host of other features with your managed dedicated server. Here are some of the reasons having a dedicated IP address is useful.

Switch between addresses

You can switch between IP addresses to bypass busy networks and maintain uptime. Efficiency is one of the primary goals for businesses that utilize our managed dedicated server plans.

Maintain authenticity

Unique IP addresses make your business seem more credible. Search engines will take your IP address into account when ranking pages. You need to ensure that the IP address is not one likely to be shared with dubious pages or sites, which could lead to the entire server and its support sites, being blacklisted.

In addition to unique IP addresses, your managed dedicated server offers the following benefits.


As your account is efficiently managed you have more time to devote to your main responsibilities within the organization. You get to have an account manager for your account, and this offers the assurance of good management and best steps being taken to maintain the integrity of your account and the safety of your online assets.


Constant monitoring to ensure minimal downtime, and to boost security so that your account stays safe at all times. Monitoring ensures that your account health can be assessed regularly. Also, any indications of a problem will lead to quick measures to prevent the problem from growing bigger.

A managed dedicated server offers multiple benefits. You can choose from a range of plans offer differing levels of management, from self managed plans to fully managed plans.

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