Factors You Must Consider Before Choosing a Dedicated Server
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Author:  TonyScott [ Tue Sep 25, 2018 6:30 am ]
Post subject:  Factors You Must Consider Before Choosing a Dedicated Server

Factors You Must Consider Before Choosing a Dedicated Server

Author:  SaharRex [ Tue Sep 25, 2018 6:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Factors You Must Consider Before Choosing a Dedicated Server

It is always best to remain ever watchful, in the event of choosing the hardware configuration of a dedicated server and the hosting service provider. It is best to consider certain factors, before making the final decision.

It is always essential to know about the processes of dealing with potential downtime, at the time of selecting a dedicated server. A dedicated server set up has a single point of failure in one server. The user has to decide, whether the user is able to accept potential downtime, if the user does not have the option of scaling multiple dedicated servers.
The user must know the scalability of her/his own applications. Scalability is a very important factor at the time of choosing a dedicated server. The capacity of Scalability makes the dedicated server important.
The user must ascertain about the performance requirements of the dedicated server, the user wishes to opt for. The choice of the hardware must be made as the selection of hardware affects the performance of the dedicated server. These performance contributing factors are:

1.CPU or the Processor- It is the most important part of hardware to decide the performance efficiency of a dedicated server.

2.RAM- The available options for RAM decides the speed of the Central Processing Unit. It is best to opt for a dedicated server that allows addition of RAM, as and when the user needs.

3.Hard Drives- It is always best for the user to choose a RAID set up for the hard drives. It provides protection from failure of a single hard drive. This set up will keep the system up and running, till the user gets the damaged hard drive replaced.

Load balancing is important, where the user is able to split the load across all available servers, is very essential factors, at the time of choosing a dedicated server. If the web site of the user is facing heavy load of web site visitor’s traffic, the user may need the use of multiple servers for hosting web sites. Load balancing will direct each incoming request to a different server.
The usage of bandwidth must be predictable in choosing a dedicated server. It is related to the predictability of data traffic.
The quality of network matters very much in making the right choice of a dedicated server hosting.
Choice of a dedicated server depends on its manageability. Either the user is technically skilled or the service provider is managing the dedicated server. It is to assess whether the dedicated server has a remote management module.
The technical team of the service provider must be involved in maintaining and managing the dedicate server, the user is opting for.

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