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  • Xeon Quad Core -x3430

    Cheap Dedicated Hosting
2.4 Ghz/8 MB Cache
    Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting India4 Threads
    Dedicated Server Hosting India4 GB RAM
    Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting India1 TB Enterprise SATA Storage
    Affordable Dedicated HostingRAID
    Best Dedicated Hosting India5 TB Traffic
    Price: $ 99
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  • Xeon Quad Core -x3430

    Cheap Dedicated Hosting
2.4 Ghz/8 MB Cache
    Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting India4 Threads
    Dedicated Server Hosting India8 GB RAM
    Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting India2 X 1 TB Enterprise SATA Storage
    Affordable Dedicated Hosting1 RAID
    Best Dedicated Hosting India5 TB Traffic
    Price: $ 119
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  • Xeon Quad Core -x3430

    Cheap Dedicated Hosting
2.8 Ghz/3 MB Cache
    Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting India4 Threads
    Dedicated Server Hosting India8 GB RAM
    Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting India2X 240 GB Enterprise SSD Storage
    Affordable Dedicated Hosting1 RAID
    Best Dedicated Hosting India5 TB Traffic
    Price: $ 129
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Dedicated Server Hosting India

Dedicated Servers offer the ultimate solution for businesses in search of granular control, unparalleled performance, and robust security for their critical websites and applications.

Cheap Dedicated Server India Mahendra

Dedicated Server Hosting is essential for any multifaceted business application, as it requires a complex infrastructure to meet storage, networking, and server-related objectives. To ensure matchless website performance, enhanced control over computing resources, and top-notch data security, enterprises opt for linking their productive units to dedicated server hosting.

Unlike shared resources, dedicated servers function exclusively for a given business, allowing users to choose their preferred operating system and hardware components based on organizational needs. This level of customization empowers users to manage specific services without the hassles of server management.

For intricate infrastructure requirements, including servers, storage devices, and networking tools, DialWebHosting offers a fully customizable dedicated hosting solution within a managed environment. Our services are powered by industry-leading hardware from Dell, Intel, and HP, ensuring your business stays ahead of the competition.

With appropriate load balancing techniques and clustering options, our dedicated server hosting ensures superior resilience, maximum uptime, and high availability for your valuable data. Trust DialWebHosting to provide the optimal dedicated server hosting solution that caters to your business's unique needs.

Dedicated Server Plans & Configuration

Linux Dedicated Hosting

Linux Dedicated Server India

Experience high-end security and full root access with
powerful Linux Dedicated Servers.

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Windows Dedicated Hosting

Window Dedicated Server Hosting India

Get lowest latency and quick deployment with
our robust Windows Dedicated Servers.

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Dedicated Servers Technical Specifications

Feature Performance Booster Technical Support
Hosting Type Unmatched speed and reliability Advanced caching and optimization tools 24/7 expert technical assistance
Server Resources Exclusive server resources Turbocharge website/application speed Troubleshooting and issue resolution
Customization Fully customizable configurations Enhanced performance for resource-intensive Assistance with server setup and management
CPU High-performance processors Accelerated content delivery Server monitoring and proactive maintenance
RAM Ample memory for seamless operations Improved loading times Security updates and vulnerability patches
Storage Various storage options available Reduced latency for global visitors Performance optimization suggestions
Network Bandwidth High-speed bandwidth connections Optimized user experience Data backups and restoration assistance
Uptime Guarantee Maximum uptime for continuous access Minimized downtime during traffic spikes Assistance during traffic surges
Security Robust security measures in place DDoS protection and security enhancements Security audits and best practices guidance
Scalability Easily scalable as demands increase Load balancing for consistent performance Scaling recommendations and implementation
Managed Options Choice of managed or unmanaged plans Proactive monitoring and optimizations Emergency response and critical issue support
Data Center Facilities Tier III data centers with reliability Content delivery acceleration Hardware replacement and upgrades

Why Dialwebhosting As Your Dedicated Server Hosting Provider?

If you're in search of a sturdy, dependable, and secure hosting solution, the optimal decision is to select a dedicated server. This option grants you full command over your server, along with its underlying resources, exclusively at your disposal. Dialwebhosting's dedicated server hosting service presents top-tier features to its clientele, encompassing root access, regular data backups, server management, and a commitment to unmatched operational excellence.

  • Best Dedicated Hosting India

    Gives You Complete Control over the Server

    Dedicated hosting from Dialwebhosting empowers an organization with the freedom and control of managing its business, the way they want. When it comes to dedicated hosting, no one can beat the quality of service Dialwebhosting delivers. Clients prefer using dedicated server solutions from us because they are assured of smooth running of their critical applications while having absolute control over their server. Other benefits include, faster data transfer speed, high scalability, latest technology, and enterprise-level Tier III data centers.

  • Affordable Dedicated Hosting

    High Performance and Unique Technology

    Dialwebhosting offers a powerful and tailor-made hosting plan that gives you full administrative access to your server. In addition to server control, you also enjoy inclusive flexibility to manage the features and resources - the way you want to meet the changing demands of your organization. The server system comes with highly desirable and crucial features like high performance bandwidth, 99.95% network uptime, and cutting-edge hardware technology.

  • Affordable Dedicated Hosting
 Server Security

    Security That Never Fails

    Security is another key feature that differentiates us from our counterparts. Our dedicated hosting package ensures very high level of anti-spam and antivirus protection that keeps all your data - protected from unauthorized access as well as from viruses and other risk elements. Our performance driven computing resources can be easily accessed and applied to various aspects of business management to consistently achieve best output. Additionally, clients are allowed to introduce their personalized security access controls via firewall solutions that are customized for enhancing the lifecycle of server. Dialwebhosting offers both Linux and Windows dedicated hosting solutions to customers. There are a number of packages available in a combination of various features and configurations.

  • Linux Affordable Dedicated Hosting

    Choose From Windows and Linux Dedicated Servers

    Windows and Linux dedicated servers provide full administrative control over critical business data together with the highest level of security. The model runs on a breakthrough technology, superior network infrastructure, and cutting-edge hardware equipment. It also supports various scripts and languages to ensure that the entrepreneurs meet their business goals effortlessly. Free setup and easy deployment, high network uptime guarantee, full root access to servers, high performance bandwidth and round the clock technical support are the features that are standard to all the Windows and Linux dedicated server solution packages.

  • Cheap Dedicated Server India

    Committed To Your Success

    We never hesitate to walk that extra mile to ensure that our clients have an easy time managing the most challenging areas of their business. Our highly secured and advanced dedicated server hosting solutions are preferred over others as the solutions since they can be easily customized to meet specific business needs. Also, the servers can be setup and deployed within no time.

  • Cheap Dedicated Hosting Services

    Superior Visibility

    Our dedicated servers are supported by highly redundant N+1 power backup systems and ground-breaking hardware technology. We ensure an impressive 99.95 per cent network uptime. High business visibility is a given when you choose us as your dedicated server solution benefactor.

  • Dedicated Server India

    High Bandwidth

    Bandwidth is considered as a benchmark to judge the quality of server hosting of a company and here too we stand a clear winner. The enterprise-level servers are engineered for delivering optimal performance in all the situations. High bandwidth guarantees unwavering performance even when website traffic is extremely high.

  • Best Dedicated Hosting India

    24/7/365 Dedicated Support

    Our dedicated server hosting plans are supported by round-the-clock support. You are assured of hassle-free, glitch-free performance as a dedicated technical support team is available round the clock on all days of the year. Our technical support team members are well-trained to address all your queries related to server management and performance related queries. Our support team works with you to make sure your business needs are satisfied and your enterprise goals are met within your budget.

Choose Dialwebhosting for an Unmatched Industry Experience

With unparalleled expertise in website and application hosting, Dialwebhosting stands out as a leader in the field. Our commitment is to provide your business with the most proficient hosting solutions available. Renowned for technical prowess, utilization of cutting-edge technology, and exceptional support, our company excels.

At the heart of our success in this fiercely competitive industry is our tier III data centers boasting top-tier infrastructure facilities. This achievement has been years in the making, a testament to unwavering dedication and innovation of the highest caliber. Our proven, technologically advanced services cater to businesses of all sizes and industries.

If you're in search of dedicated server hosting solutions that offer seamless customization, round-the-clock operational security, and budget-friendly pricing, look no further. Connect with our experts today to experience excellence redefined.

Cheap Dedicated Hosting India

Features of our Dedicated Server Hosting

  • Dedicated Server Hosting Feature

  • Multiple Dedicated Hosting

  • High Performance Dedicated Hosting Servers

  • Dedicated Server Security Services

  • Dedicated Server Customize

  • Dedicated Hosting Control Panel

  • Dedicated Server Bandwidth

Dedicated Server Hosting (FAQs)

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