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Achieve Optimal Performance with Best-in-class Data Center Services

DialWebHosting's data center services are designed to deliver optimal performance, while providing advanced computing and networking power. Our comprehensive suite of services efficiently caters to the changing business conditions in the most holistic manner.

Recognized for our deep-rooted experience and operational excellence, we help organizations across ambits to manage their IT needs efficiently and economically.

Experience the Unmatched Flexibility…

Our flexible data center services support prompt scalingof applications and enable clients to move their business critical IT infrastructure from local environment to dedicated, managed or cloud hosting in the swiftest way.

We maintain N+1 redundancy to ensure your business operates and serves your end-users seamlessly.

Safe from Calamities…

Our Tier III data centers are located in low-seismic zones with effective disaster recovery and business continuity strategies in place to combat both man-made and natural calamities. Be it DDoS attack, an earthquake or a hurricane– we can protect your business and ensure its continuity.

Breadth of Offerings…

Our portfolio of offerings includes shared web hosting, dedicated server hosting, colocation hosting, domain hosting, and cloud hosting services. We have the capabilities to sustain growth in performance. Also, our managed hosting services enable you to save time and hassle of an on-premise data center to support your IT equipment.

Security that Protects Your Business against Every Odd…

With our dedicated and cloud hosting solutions, we ensure comprehensive safeguarding of business critical systems and data. We practice layered security policies and procedures to meet requirements for compliance, governance and data sovereignty.

In addition, our multi-tier access control measures, biometric scanners, mantraps, keycards, 24/7 monitoring, and CCTV surveillance ensure that your business stays functional no matter what unforeseen events may arise.

Our commitment to deliver high-end data center services and rigorous adherence to standard methods has made us one of the most preferred data center service providers in India.

Interested in our data center services? Connect with our data center experts to avail enterprise-grade data center services at competitive prices!

Our Data Center Infrastructure Highlights

Power Supply

  • Dedicated power feed from local power discom
  • N+1 UPS systems; 3 parallel AROS/Liebert UPS of 300 KVA
  • Fully redundant with Direct and DG power
  • Dual power source from UPS to each Server and Network racks
  • N+N configuration for PDU and UPS.
  • 3 DGs of 600 KVA, 380 KVA, 140 KVA
  • 220 KW total Power availability


  • N +1 Redundant PAC Units
  • PAC units in Cyclic Operation
  • Structured cabling to prevent airflow congestion
  • Controlled Humidity at 50% (+/-10%)
  • Separate Hot and Cold Aisle for effective cooling
  • Cooling capacity of redundant 54TR

High end Servers &
Network Equipment

  • Best-in-industry servers and equipment manufactured by General Instruments, Oracle, Dell, HP, IBM, Lucent Technologies, Juniper and Cisco Systems


  • 24x7 CCTV Security Surveillance
  • Restricted Access
  • Biometric built security systems

Multi-homed Network Redundant Connectivity

  • Core network backbone based on high-speed multiple megabit links
  • 24x7 physically staffed Network Operation Center (NOC)
  • Multiple STM1 fiber optic capacity across different routes

Fire Detection &

  • Gas Suppression FM200 for server space
  • Fire resistant tiles
  • Fire retardant doors and glasses
  • Smoke detection systems

Our Certifications

  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013
  • ANSI/TIA-942
  • ISO 22301:2012
  • ISO 20000-1:2011
  • ISO 27001:2005
  • ISO 9001:2008
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