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Cloud storage

Cloud Storage

Dialwebhosting offers efficient, scalable, and cost-effective cloud storage solutions to businesses across industries.Our advanced cloud data center architectureis equipped with robust IT components to deliver large storage demands of our clients. We keep updating our technologies including strategies to support business-critical applications and services. Businesses that collaborate with us, can easily provision and manage enterprise-grade data and applications with utmost ease. Besides, our cloud storage platform is armed with N+1 resilient components, which provides an ability to store and share very large datasets in a hassle-free manner.

Cloud Storage India

Our robust data storage systems are connected by multiple high-performance network links, which further helps in curtailing data access latency for high-performance data and applications. This means you can access your files, folders, images, presentations, at the shortest possible timeframe. We also understand the importance of data security and thus have integrated high-end firewalls and encryption techniques to increase both data availability and security.

Key Features: Cloud Storage Services

Cloud Storage Services
  • Tier III, disaster-resistant data center facilities
  • On-demand computing, storage & network resources provisioning
  • Round the clock functional network operations centers
  • Original hardware and IT resources
  • High-end computing, storage and network resources
  • 99.95% guaranteed network uptime
  • Rigorous security checks, audits, and monitoring
  • Pay-as-you-go billing model
  • Seamless dedicated cloud storage support
  • Robust fire suppression systems &power backup generators

Why Businesses Prefer Dialwebhosting?

  • Cloud Storage Performance

    High Performance & Availability

    Store your data on our scalable cloud platform and be assured of seamless performance. Our cloud computing platform stores and replicates your data in different locations to ensure that you and your end-users can access the data all the time.

  • Cloud Storage Shared

    Share and Update

    Share your files, videos, data, presentations, and photographs with just a click of the button. In addition to this, you can quickly update the files whenever you wish to do so.

  • Cloud Storage Scalability

    Greater Scalability

    Our resilient data center facilities allow clients to quickly spin up/spin down the (storage space, network,and other requisite resources) computing capabilities to meet surging data demands.

  • Cloud Storage Technical Support

    Technical Support

    Our expert cloud engineers are available to help you with your problems round the clock. You can connect with our ardent professionals at any point of time.

  • Cloud Storage Access

    Access on the Go

    Save files on your PC, then access the same files on your smartphones or on other Internet-ready devices. All the data stored on our cloud storage platform gets automatically synchronized to different devices in no time.

  • Cloud Storage Collaboration

    Faster Collaboration

    You and your teammates can quickly collaborate on different projects to achieve the set deadlines. This, in turn, helps in bolstering business productivity and returns on investments.

  • Cloud Storage High Security

    High Security

    We have integrated strict security controls including firewall and encryption techniques to keep your data safe against all illicit attempts.

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