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  • Value Basic

    Cheap Cloud Server1 vCPU
    Cloud Server Hosting2 GB RAM
    Cheap Cloud Server Hosting India50 GB Storage
    Best Cloud Hosting1 IP
    Best Cloud Hosting India50 GB Data Transfer
    Affordable Cloud Hosting
    USD 0.04/
    Cheap Cloud Server Hosting
    USD 32/
    Best Cloud Server India SELECT & CONFIGURE
  • Value Standard

    Cheap Cloud Server2 vCPU
    Cloud Server Hosting2 GB RAM
    Cheap Cloud Server Hosting India100 GB Storage
    Best Cloud Hosting2 IP
    Best Cloud Hosting India100 GB Data Transfer
    Affordable Cloud Hosting
    USD 0.08/
    Cheap Cloud Server Hosting
    USD 60/
    Cheap Cloud Server Hosting India SELECT & CONFIGURE
  • Value Pro

    Cheap Cloud Server3 vCPU
    Cloud Server Hosting3 GB RAM
    Cheap Cloud Server Hosting India150 GB Storage
    Best Cloud Hosting2 IP
    Best Cloud Hosting India200 GB Data Transfer
    Affordable Cloud Hosting
    USD 0.12/
    Cheap Cloud Server Hosting
    USD 90/
    Best Cloud Server SELECT & CONFIGURE

Cloud Hosting India

DialWebHosting provides the Indian Cloud hosting services which is one of the immensely preferred hosting alternatives that complement and extend traditional IT services, allowing businesses to pay per service.

DialWebHosting is a leading provider of enterprise-class cloud hosting India services that ensure the fastest provisioning, greater scalability, and improved business operations.

We provide a full suite of managed cloud hosting and cloud India hosting offerings that expand your operational flexibilities and lower the capital and operating costs. Our tailor-made Indian cloud hosting services enable businesses to quickly deploy new capabilities in response to market demands.

DialWebHosting takes a value-centric approach and employs the right technologies, procedures, and operations to assist businesses in their digital transformation journey. Our pragmatism and industry-wide experience help our clients to stay ahead of the competition by taking advantage of our latency-optimized cloud data centers.

Indian Cloud Hosting Plans & Configuration

 USD 50
Special Credit
USD 100
Special Credit
USD 200
Special Credit
USD 500
Special Credit
USD 1000
Special Credit
vCPU scale up to1020304064
RAM16 GB24 GB32 GB64 GB128 GB
Transfer500 GB1 TB32 GB1 TB1 TB
Storage200 GB300 GB400 GB500 GB1 TB
VM's upto15102030
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We understand that every organization has a unique structure and priorities, thus we offer a wide range of cloud hosting India packages that add value proposition and meet your specific business demands.

Cloud Computing Deployment Models

  • Cloud Hosting

    Public Cloud

    Right from the applications to compute, power is accessible to all users.

  • Cloud Server Hosting

    Private Cloud

    Carries all characteristics of the public cloud but is dedicated to a specific/single organization.

  • Cloud Hosting India

    Hybrid Cloud

    An amalgamation of the public and private cloud! Provides cost-efficiency and scalability of the public cloud, and robustness and security of the private cloud.

Cloud Hosting India Service Models

  • Cloud Server India

    Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

    Servers, software applications, hardware, storage capacity, and other infrastructure components are delivered as a service to clients.

  • Cloud Hosting India

    Platform as a Service (PaaS)

    Provides a platform (networks, servers, OS, middleware, etc.) to develop, run, and manage applications.

  • Cloud Server Hosting

    Software as a Service (SaaS)

    Software licensing and delivery model wherein software applications, such as ERP, CRM, MIS, and HRM are licensed on a subscription basis.

Advantages of Availing DialWebHosting Cloud India Server Hosting Services

Businesses that collaborate with DialWebHosting, an Indian cloud hosting provider get beneficial services. Businesses get benefits from our higher service levels, reduced complexities, and uninterrupted service availability. We own and manage multiple Tier III data centers, located in low-seismic zones to keep your businesses functional in any catastrophic event.


Cloud ServerOur elastic cloud-enabled data center infrastructure can adjust dynamically changing business needs. Our on-demand provisioning module allows clients to provision resources in real-time for both analytics and transaction processing at competitive pricing.

On-demand Provisioning

Cheap Cloud HostingOur cloud experts manage your deployed environment, relieving your in-house IT staff to focus on more value-generating activities, allowing them to find room for innovation.


Cheap Cloud Hosting IndiaOur cloud experts manage your deployed environment, relieving your in-house IT staff to focus on more value-generating activities, allowing them to find room for innovation.


Cheap Cloud Hosting IndiaWe offer transparent pricing based on different usage metrics. It allows clients to readily calculate costs based on several different usage estimates, and plan accordingly.


Affordable Cloud HostingOver-provisioning of servers and computing resources creates unused capacity and thus, entails higher costs while under provisioning of servers can have a significant impact on service levels. Being the leading cloud server hosting provider in India, we allow businesses to dial up the resources immediately, and then, dial them down when needed.


Best Cloud Hosting IndiaBy leveraging our cloud server hosting services, businesses can rapidly provision innovative apps, including analytics and other requisite tools. This, in turn, will enable organizations to focus on extracting business value and think strategically.

Technical Support

Best Cloud Hosting IndiaWe have a dedicated team of cloud security experts, who are available at your discretion, 24 hours a day to assist you throughout your cloud expedition. You can speak to our cordial and knowledgeable professionals at any time.

Why Choose DialWebHosting as an Indian Cloud hosting service provider?

Our extensive experience in cloud hosting India puts us in a unique position to understand our clients’ perspectives perfectly and offer solutions that match their needs. We offer reliability and resilience far beyond what our competitors do:

  • Regularly scheduled third-party security audits & assessments
  • Automatic updates for hardware and software
  • A dedicated team of cloud hosting experts
  • Stringent processes for compliance, regulatory & industry standards
  • Safe and reliable cloud architecture
  • N+1 resilient data centers in strategic locations
  • Greater scalability to sustain quick upgrades & change in demands
  • Round the clock dedicated cloud hosting support
  • CMMI Level 5 organization

Cloud Hosting Plans & Configuration

Cloud computing:- To build your cloud computing platform, DialWebHosting offers a secure setup of multiple cloud servers. We scale up memory and CPU cores to meet the workload requirement of the client.

Smartphone apps:-DialWebHosting offers a solution for mobile app operation. In response to fluctuating access rates these operations adjust. These solutions can be automatically configured via API, while at the same time guaranteeing maximum availability.

eCommerce servers:-DialWebHosting’s Indian cloud hosting solution works flexibly to manage traffic and fluctuations. By using load balancing, we segregate the load between one or more front-end and back-end servers.

Educational and institutional use:-Our cloud India hosting solution helps in delivering entire courses, sessions depending on need, and individual units. Our cloud hosting services are suitable for on-demand and flexible data retrieval services. We also provide resource-intensive live training that includes audio and video through our hosting services.

Software development / Devops:-Indian cloud hosting solution of DialWebHosting helps to develop software applications on a flexible and highly available system. You can easily adapt your requirements with on-demand resources.

IT infrastructure:-By outsourcing your IT infrastructure to cloud India, you can operate core CPU services. For example, intranet and email applications. Along with, making them available across various locations in the presence of the network.

Supported Operating Systems and Software By Cloud Hosting India

Get a range of Linux distributions, operating systems, and database management systems to set up your server with DialWebHosting.


  • Ubuntu
  • OpenSuse
  • Debian
  • CentOS


  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2019


  • MySQL
  • MariaDB
  • SQL Express
  • MS SQL Web
  • MS SQL Standard

Cloud Hosting India FAQ

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