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CDN Hosting

CDN Hosting

Websites that do not load fast affect visitor behavior, leading to decreased sales, conversions, and returns on investment. To avoid such a scenario, a Content Delivery Network (CDN) is an ideal solution. CDN helps speed up the transmission of data to a visitor’s computer or mobile device. It is a large distributed system of servers deployed across multiple data centers. CDN makes a website to load really fast and can proficiently handlesudden traffic surges.

CDN caches all your popular web pages, media files, applications, live streaming media, on-demand streaming media including social networks, which optimizes delivery of digital assets. When requested, CDN serves the cached pages to your end-users at an expeditious speed.

CDN Hosting Services

Dialwebhosting, is a leading CDN hosting provider, offering a portfolio of web hosting, email hosting, colocation, and cloud hosting solutions to businesses of all kind. We run and manage large networks of servers to ensure that requisite IT resources are always scalable and available to our clients. By signing up for our CDN hosting services, clients enjoy the performance and security features right away.

How CDN Works?

  • Cloud CDN HostingVisitor visits your website and requests for content
  • Cloud CDNRequests for your content are automatically routed to the nearest edge location (DNS Server)
  • Cloud CDN HostingDNS Servers convert the requested URL into IP address and search for the nearest CDN server with the help of ping routing mechanism
  • Cloud CDN HostingFinally, an edge CDN server delivers a cached copy or pulls the content from the origin server

Best CDN Hosting Features

CDN Hosting Features
  • Secure delivery of content over HTTPS
  • Auto DNS Configuration
  • Faster deployment and setup
  • 99.95% guaranteed network uptime
  • Fault-resistant, latency-optimized data center facilities
  • Premium bandwidth connectivity
  • Comprehensive monitoring & reporting of CDN infrastructure using Nagios and Munin
  • Round the clock CDN support

Why Should You Select Dialwebhosting?

  • CDN Supreme Hosting

    Supreme Hosting Experience

    Our Tier III data centers are underpinned with cutting-edge technologies and techniques to match website(s) requirements, and maximize end-users’ experience. Computing capabilities including storage can be quickly added to meet peak traffic demands.

  • CDN Hosting Support

    Comprehensive Support

    Our team of certified website hosting experts not only manage and scan your websites for threats but also go beyond to keep your websites in good health. Besides, they are available 24*7 to assist you with complacent solutions.

  • CDN Hosting Plan

    Customized Hosting Plans

    We source hardware from leading brands that incorporates high-end Intel Xeon processors to power your business’s websites. In addition, all the plans, be it dedicated, shared, VPS or cloud can be tailored to competently meet unique business specifications.

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