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Bulk Email Hosting

Bulk Email Hosting

Email is an integral part of today’s work life, helping clients to generate new business and retain existing ones. In bulk emailing, millions of emails can be sent with a click of the button. For this, performance-driven yet secure bulk email SMTP server hosting indispensable.

Dialwebhosting offers robust SMTP servers to clients allowing them to quickly send bulk emails to their intended users at ultra-fast speed. Our email hosting experts adeptly configure dedicated IPs, rDNS, PTR, SPF, DKIM, including IP rotation to your bulk emailing server to ensure an uninterrupted email delivery process. Businesses relying on us benefit from the fastest connectivity, innovative technologies, and round-the-clock emailing support.

Services Offered by Bulk Email Hosting Providers

Dialwebhosting provides multiple secure SMTP options such as VPS and dedicated server hosting services to clients. Being one of the preferred bulk email hosting providers, we ensure that you meet your digital transformation initiatives and achieve the best returns on your investments.

Bulk Email SMTP

Our team of expert engineers rigorously monitors your server so that you can activate your promotional and transactional email initiatives with the utmost ease. Our experts customize SPF, DKIM, and rDNS/PTR settings as per your business requirements. In addition to this, we provide comprehensive support for permission-based sending.

Key Features of Bulk Email Hosting

Blocks Spam Email

The dedicated server for bulk email is capable enough of blocking unwanted emails, speculated to have a high spam score or malicious record. Also, the bulk email hosting thoroughly scans the source of email and recipient before taking or passing of email in order to avoid ordeals.

Creates Multiple Address

The bulk email servers successfully make multiple addresses for sending the mail to the number of ids. The procedure also saves up the time required in the process.

24*7*365 Bulk Email Hosting Support

The hosting type offers a great sense of reliability to its users, mostly when they are stuck in unavoidable situations with their great round the clock support services to serve the final purpose of having hosting servers.

Cross-Channel Execution

Bulk email servers offer the provision for cross-channel execution of facilities. The server allows the feasibility of bringing the serval driving platforms under a single umbrella for speeding up the process with an enhanced rate of services.

Support against Malicious Sources and Viruses

The dedicated bulk email server hosting is known to create a safeguard shield against viruses and links open to the source of malicious content and spyware. The server hosting provides the outsourcing spyware and antivirus support to secure the data related to business organization.

Segmentation and Personalization

As per the demand of business, the owners can call up a bulk email service provider to customize a range of bulk hosting plans equipped with well-drafted and advanced segmentation and personalization.

Enhanced Reporting and Multivariate Testing

Bulk email service provider in India offers variants of features to improve the rate of CTR and CVR by incorporating the methods of testing and reporting. Multivariate testing involves the comparison of results with the various formats for understanding the pattern of source for gaining output from it.

Customized Mailing Servers

Bulk email hosting servers come in ample categories, yet the business can go up for customizing the mailing servers as per their requirement. These hosting services can be customized for SPF, DKIM, and rDNS/PTR to fetch optimized results.

Optimized Server Availability

The bulk hosting servers promise to deliver the result at a better rate of delivery. With a bulk hosting server, one can expect to have guaranteed 99.95% email server availability.

Server Management and Monitoring

The best bulk email service provider in India aims to deliver top-notch results by practicing the methods of real-time email server management and monitoring.

Key Advantages of Our Bulk Email Hosting Services

Bulk Email Hosting Support

Seamless Support

Our email hosting experts are always ready to help you with complacent solutions for your technical issues.

Bulk Email Data Center

Tier III Data Centers

Equipped with fully resilient data centers across multiple strategic locations, we ensure that your mailing server stays up and away from all scarcities.

Bulk Email Protection

Stringent Protection

We employ the best security techniques and technologies to protect your SMTP server against all nuisances. Our experts deploy multiple firewalls, security controls, and software applications to ensure seamless business protection.

Bulk Email Hosting Connectivity

Unparalleled Connectivity

We employ the best security techniques and technologies to protect your SMTP server against all nuisances. Our experts deploy multiple firewalls, security controls, and software applications to ensure seamless business protection.

Bulk Email Hosting Offerings

Multiple Offerings

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of web, email, & cloud hosting services, enabling clients to respond to growth in performance.

Bulk Email Hosting Connectivity

Guaranteed Uptime

We offer SLA backed 99.982% network uptime to regular the flows of email to ample regularize addresses at the distance of just a single click.

Bulk Email Hosting Connectivity

Flexible OS Support

The range of bulk server hosting seamlessly supports the variants of the operating system as per the need and type of business, i.e., Windows Operating system and Linux Operating System.

FAQs for Bulk Email Hosting

Why Choose Dialwebhosting for Your Business?

Dialwebhosting, the best mass mail service provider in India, understands the changing pattern of work-life and aims to provide one all hosting solution.

We work assiduously to have positive results on behalf of our clients and offer the best services equipped with the latest technologies and 24/7/365 technical support on concerned matters.

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