Every business depends on email communications for exchange of critical information. These communications are designed to help employees, business associates, and customers to stay in touch and coordinate with each other for performing business related activities in an effectively and promptly. 

In order to make sure that there is a seamless flow of communications within and outside the organization, many organizations are relying on email servers. These servers are exclusively built to receive and deliver email communications. Considering a large spectrum of its advantages, Zimbra hosting solutions are preferred by businesses to ensure efficient communications without any hassles. 

Among all email server hosting options, Zimbra hosting is appreciated by enterprise customers as the most secure and efficient open source email server solution with built-in ability to sync with mobile devices. Zimbra constitutes a desktop client as well server and client components while exhibiting excellent ability to synchronize contacts, calendar, and mail with other mail clients belonging to open source categories. 

Objectives of using Zimbra email hosting

If you wish to provide your business with ability of staying in touch and collaborated at all times irrespective of devices that are being used by employees, customers, and associates then Zimbra email server hosting is a way to go. 

Every organization that needs to operate in a secure environment in terms of sensitive communications by providing a robust and efficient platform must use Zimbra email server for assured email security. 

Although Zimbra email server demands users to deal with permissions while handling the unavoidable complexity of command line, it delivers outstanding ability to secure in-house communications with help of calendars and email features. Users can provide teams with an easy access to a mailbox that can be shared among the members. 

Zimbra hosting is also sought after for enabling employees to access emails from a range of devices including mobile phones. It can also perform securely with features of an Exchange Server backed by IMAP. The entire application has excellent compatibility with Virtual Machines. Users can manage and organize their email messages by creating different folders for individual categories such as sale, purchase, and so forth. 

Zimbra hosting offers remarkable security and other benefits of traditional cloud email solutions such as Microsoft Office 365 OR Google Work in an organizational setup. 

Superiority over legacy email solutions

Traditional email services such as Gmail or Yahoo mail have been delivering email communication capabilities to enterprises for a long time. In fact, many businesses rely on these resources due to the ease and simplicity of access in addition to cost considerations. However, a far more secure and private Zimbra email can make a great difference due to its long list of features and customizability. 

Intuitive and flexible- Since every business has its individual requirements and expectations as far as the communication platform is considered, Zimbra provides excellent ability to tweak the code for customized design template and much more. Zimbra hosting adds a unique identity to the organization’s communication resource, unlike legacy email services that have a uniform appearance. 

Seamless security - In spite of the fact that Gmail and other traditional email services provide strong security by way of implementing SOC2 criteria, and HTTPS encryption the security of data can be compromised in a third party environment. By adopting Zimbra email service for business communications, the business-critical data will reside securely within the periphery of organization. 

Flexible access - Modern businesses need to offer flexibility of working to employees in terms of working hours, location, and devices. Zimbra email solutions support ease of access from any handheld device with internet connectivity. The ability of Zimbra to synchronize with devices is far superior when compared with other email services. 

Practical Implementation in IPPB

Zimbra hosting has demonstrated its worth by adding a sophisticated cloud resource with disaster recovery support in government-owned India Post Payment Bank. After encountering a disturbing array of spam and phishing related issues in a traditional cloud hosting environment, the organization was seriously concerned about security of the mission-critical communications. 

It was at this juncture that a need for a robust and secure communication tool with sound scalability and DR capabilities was felt by the authorities of IPPB. Zimbra VPS was a unanimous and logical choice for attaining security, proactive scalability and flexibility to support present workloads and the future expansion initiatives of India Post Payment Bank.

Cloud Zimbra hosting with DR capability delivers amazing security against phishing attacks with spam blocking catch rates that are as high as near hundred percent. The protection also extends to advanced intrusion attacks such as spoofing and malware related cyber crimes. Facility of an intuitive and rich interface further enhances usability of Zimbra VPS platform with DR features. 

In conclusion

Assured High Availability is promised through dependable Disaster Recovery facility of Zimbra hosting platform. It provides assured protection to keep attempts of hacking and other advanced cyber attacks at bay in addition to the promise of High Availability with Disaster Recovery.