Zimbra Email Hosting has already become a fad among businesses and the dual reasons behind this popularity are enterprise-level conferencing and interface design features. A business entity, by using this email hosting facility, can get versatile communication world over easily. In addition to unlimited email hosting access, the business entity gets the advantages of easily managing meetings in minutes.

Zimbra has already come up as the preferred collaboration and messaging solution that is based on AJAX Web Client. Some of the most important features that are available to users include synchronization facility to desktops and other devices and access to additional features such as task management, documents, instant messaging facility, contacts, calendar, email, and others. Most important aspect of this unlimited email hosting option is its compatibility with all web browsers that are currently in use. In fact, Zimbra email hosting can be used with the already employed applications including iCal, Apple’s mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Microsoft Outlook.

Zimbra Unlimited Email Hosting provides unique business oriented services

Zimbra is already an established brand in the electronic communication market, especially when it comes to advanced business-oriented email hosting solution as well as collaboration suite. Globally integrated communication facility is available along with advanced collaboration features, enabling users in carrying out globally integrated communication. By using it, businesses get advanced collaboration features. For supporting demanding communication requirements of current times, collaboration suite of Zimbra’s unlimited email hosting facility has been designed.

What features make Zimbra Email hosting so popular?

There are different core features associated with this kind of hosting solution and they are charted out below:

1. This email hosting solution is highly organised in nature. Email message threading is displayed in a hierarchical manner. In addition to this facility, there are the advantages of drag-and-drop email facility and already mentioned included contacts and calendar features. 

2. Mobility as well as productivity of a business professional can be enhanced through Zimbra email server solution. This is possible because of the open source nature of the same. From a wide array of mobile devices, Zimbra can be accessed. Hence, mobility gets enhanced automatically. Even Apple’s iPhone users can use this facility as synchronisation facility with iPhone is available. The same is true for blackberry because of the connectivity feature available with BlackBerry Enterprise Server. This distinct nature of Zimbra’s unlimited email hosting makes it the first preference of business enterprises. In fact, familiar as well as simple interface makes it easy to use for the customers. This robust as well as inexpensive solution comes with user friendly interface, giving business entities yet another reason to use this open source application. 

3. Complete corporate support is available with this email hosting solution, which makes it that more coveted among the business community. Worldwide communication is integrated by Zimbra. One of the most coveted packages in unlimited email hosting solution by the businesses is Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) and the reason behind that includes easy re-branding as well as multi-tenancy facilities. 

These are the top most reason why Zimbra unlimited email hosting is so popular among businesses.