Recent reports have confirmed that most of the enterprises are turning to Zimbra email hosting to effectively manage their mailbox activities like emails, attachments, calendar, and contact addresses. Companies of all shapes and sizes are profoundly switching to a professional mail transfer agent that can apply filters to their mailbox messages and have appropriate space to back up important log files. 

A research by IDC corroborated that the market for hosted security solutions is estimated to annually grow by 30%, which is further anticipated to trigger a rising demand for e-mail hosting solutions by approximately eight times by the end of 2020.
Certainly this escalating trend has been witnessed by the industry pundits over the last 12 months. As more and more businesses are getting acquainted with the benefits of corporate email hosting as a niche communication platform, this blog attempts to closely throw light on what exactly is a Zimbra email hosting and how it affects the organizations in this fast paces competitive economy.

Working with a business mail hosting provider typically allows a company to avail professional support for its electronic mail services through POP3 and IMAP protocols. The services purge the need for inhouse email servers as well as IT personnel to manage these email servers

Zimbra mail is a perfect open source platform that facilitates companies to build a successful brand image in the mindset of their clients, shareholders, and customers. The template is formulated in accordance with the company’s requirement to market its product or service. It is therefore considered as an effective way of communicating internal information about the organization to its various units. 

Moreover, enterprises can use Zimbra in offline mode to access their mailbox even when the Internet connection is not available. It can be seamlessly synchronized with Microsoft Outlook Exchange that further allows end user to import all the important emails and folders to this software and perform all the requisite functions in no time. As a result, they can execute their tasks in a quicker way and speed-up their time to value.

Hence, the above features have made Zimbra collaborative suite a reliable electronic business communication tool among several reputed enterprises, irrespective of the nature of their business.