Marketing, social media, content creation, advertising and hosting are vital things for a successful online business nowadays. However, it could become stressful and instantly overwhelming at times. Why to opt for WordPress hosting service in comparison to VPS or shared hosting and how it can provide your business a competitive edge in order to know this, read on the blog post. 

Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting is basically a professional service which maintains and controls technical aspects of WordPress website. It is an ideal option for institutions and businesses in every industries providing advantages like excellent customer support, cutting-edge security, enhanced performance, optimal website speed and other benefits. 

Why Choose Managed WordPress Hosting? 

Managed hosting helps in WordPress’ daily management through web host. Doing so can help you in focusing on creation of good content or something else.


With Managed WordPress hosting, tech-savvy people will ensure that critical platform updates, site-specific updates as well as plugin updates are instantly installed immediately after availability. 

In addition, they also manage backups and speed optimization and other tools, which are made to improve the experience utilizing WordPress. 

1. Security 

Professionals providing people Managed WordPress services better understand the platform as compared to traditional web hosting provider. They understand how to utilize the same in efficient manner. 

In regard to keep your website secure, usually web hosting providers enhance in order to offer you additional security as well as manage firewalls created by them. 

2. Support 

Web hosting provider will too provide excellent customer support. It is one of the biggest advantages when you do the comparison of Managed WordPress hosting providers with other free-of-cost or cheap WordPress hosting services. 

Most of the hosting providers just offer space; however, they don’t even have proper understanding of WordPress. Through this hosting service, you can contact somebody, who understands this platform well and provide you services in effective and efficient way. 

3. Backups 

When you need to manage your website, then backup is most vital thing. A few times, bad things happen like your website gets hacked, database crashes or the data of the complete websites gets missing. In such a situation, a usual hosting provider will not be capable to help you. 

There are high chances that you would lose your complete data. With Managed WordPress Hosting, you need not to worry about these things. Nightly backups’ creation are majorly included in the cost paid by you for service. 

Many companies provide offsite backup services that offer free-of-cost backup services. 

At times, it becomes frustrating when your data gets lost owing to some unfortunate incident. In such a scenario, creation of backup provides assurance that you will get your data even if something bad occur. 

Here are some of the recommended and renowned Managed WordPress Hosting Providers in the market –

• DialWebHosting (Powering the WordPress websites of over 10,000 clients)
• ComputeHost (For medium traffic and still growing WordPress websites)

Both of these web hosting providers ensures uninterrupted WordPress services to the clients. In addition, they too provide high performance and increased security. Also, they give maximum loading speed of website that is quite essential to have more and more visitors on your site. 

Therefore, if you decided to avail Managed WordPress hosting services for your website, then you can avail these services from these providers at affordable price. 

In spite of being ideal hosting providers for WordPress websites, this hosting is not an option for everybody owing to the price constraints. 

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In a nutshell, in case, you are hosting a blog on WordPress and no hosting company is able to handle and manage resource needs of WordPress blog of yours, then you must opt for a reliable web hosting provider like DialWebHosting, which have an extensive experience in hosting the WordPress blogs. 

As compared to VPS or shared hosting, the WordPress Managed hosting cost is high and it may not be a feasible option for an upcoming blogger or startup business. However, for a professional blogger or leading organization website, where money is not a big deal, it is a perfect place to host WordPress websites.