It is very common for WordPress users to begin with a free WordPress hosting account on or creating own domain in a shared hosting account. This is a perfect and universal way to get started.

Need for fully managed WordPress hosting service

As the time progresses and your WordPress site starts growing, you will discover that your site needs support in terms of greater power as well as performance. In addition to this the sheer volume of your work makes it impossible for you to look after executing all configurations and tuning of WP hosting.

Fully managed WordPress hosting allows you to concentrate on content and visitors rather that technicalities of hosting. This exactly what is achieved by finding the right provider of fully managed WordPress hosting service that will offer excellent protection against hackers while providing remarkable technical support to your site.

Attributes of fully managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting solution is reckoned for exceptional performance since it leverages independent server resources. It is also worth noting that users are allotted independent IP addresses and access to isolated server resources with very few users on servers. This is further supported by vendor’s efforts to grant upwards 99.99 percent uptime for your site and a dependable hosting service.

One more distinct advantage of managed hosting is minimum possible time to get started with availability of pre-configured and pre-installed solutions. Managed WordPress hosting offers reliable backup, security and caching solutions that are far superior than plugins. You can also look forward to automated WordPress updates. Mitigation of brute force attacks as well as DDoS. WordPress site owners are able to look after creation of content rather than getting involved in tuning up of plugins by choosing managed WordPress hosting.

Downside of fully managed WordPress hosting

The most noticeable downside of fully managed WordPress hosting is that it is slightly costlier than shared WordPress hosting. This is quite obvious because users are able to avail far more benefits in comparison with shared WordPress hosting.

It is also observed that many vendors allow a single domain on one WordPress hosting account. This can be perceived as a limitation of managed WordPress hosting by can be attributed to the fact that it is being done for greater performance and security of the website. A single website can load faster than multiple websites on the same server.

Salient attributes of right managed WordPress hosting provider

Reputation- Reliability of the vendor is closely associated with performance of your website. You need to attach utmost importance to the reliability of your vendor. Never choose vendor that has history of frequent downtime events. You can read independent reviews to know about reputation of the vendor.

WordPress optimized architecture- It should be confirmed whether the host is employing caching solution at hosting service level because it is far superior to caching plugins. Reputed hosts use variety of caching options such as Memcached or Varnish and usually employ several levels of caching. These caching solutions do not impact server resources unlike caching plugins.

Pre-configured and pre-installed WordPress- This is an important aspect of fully managed WordPress hosting service providers as mentioned earlier. Users can enjoy hassle free site management with availability of pre-installed WordPress instance to facilitate quick and easy start. The vendor goes one step further and also pre-configures your WordPress hosting for you.

Choice of themes and plugins- You need to check whether that host is putting any restrictions on use of themes or plugins on your WordPress site. There is a possibility that the list of plugins and themes allowed by vendor does not meet your objectives. In order to avoid this, it is prudent to select a host that does not limit use of plugins or themes.