It is natural to be anxious about security of login ids. Some sites keep password managers and there are users who have distinct passwords for separate sites. Another effective way to ensure that security cannot be breached is to maintain a dual factor authentication which is called “2FA” for extra protection.

The two-factor authentication of 2FA basically depends upon what you are likely to have, such as a smartphone and something which you typically know, such as your password. But, even the dual factor authentication may not be completely foolproof. It cannot guarantee that the site will never be breached under any circumstances. At the same time, it will definitely make the task rather challenging for the hacker. The hacker may eventually success in penetrating your account but the chances are less and he may navigate elsewhere where access is less challenging. So, the 2FA is really designed to keep away the hackers as far possible.

When you have the default WordPress version, you will not be provided with this feature of a two-factor authentication. You will need to make use of certain plugins in order to add this layer of security to your website.

Duo two-factor authentication refers to a security company which gives these two-factor authentication solutions to companies such as Toyota, Kayak, and Etsy etc. so, when you want more security beyond the default 2FA, you should consider Duo two-factor authentication.

• Google Authenticator: This is a free application which comes with both Android and iOS; for this, you must enter the user name and password. After this, you will be asked to type in a passcode which is offered by this app. Most popular plugins for Google Authenticator have been given by Henrik Schack. Though not updated in a year, it continues to do its job well. The plugin from MiniOrange however is doing better but you will have to pay for an upgrade when you have more than a single user requiring two-factor authentication.

Two-Factor Authentication is another plugin which is provided by Updraft Plus. This can be used for different 2FA apps on both iOS and Android. It is also possible to install the 2FA on per-user basis and it will also support WooCommerce. When you buy the premium version, you will be given some more features.

• Rublon: This will not send you a one-time message for authentication like the other 2FA plugins. It will send an email that completes your login process. When you have been able to log in, this plugin will remember your device from which you had logged in. When you choose the free plugin version, you will get the two-factor authentication for one user. So, you need to upgrade to benefit more users.

• iThemes Security Pro: This is an upgrade for WordPress security plugins. The Pro version will have this 2FA and it relies on TOTP standards. This makes it totally compatible with many apps on both iOS and Android. When you start working with a new site which does not have security plugins yet, this app may be a great solution.

• Wordfence: This is also an all-in-one plugin for security for WordPress websites. The paid version of this plugin will support the 2FA just like the iThemes Security Pro app. To configure the 2FA using this app, you can either send a code through SMS to a phone number or use the Google Authenticator.

• Shield Security: This was earlier called the WP Simple Firewall. This is yet another comprehensive security plugin for WordPress sites. The Shield Security has all features in its free or paid versions and it does not depend upon mobile apps for verifying user identity. This plugin also sends emails to finish the login process.

• ManageWP: This will let you handle the WordPress sites from only one dashboard. With the newest version which is called Orion, users can get the 2FA for managing their WordPress accounts.

• Jetpack: This plugin has many interesting features ranging from optimizing the WP site to social sharing. It even lets users register and sign onto their websites through their WordPress account credentials.

To sum up, it is important to have the two-factor authentication on your WordPress site if you want to keep away hackers. Doing so may require you to do some extra work during the sign-in process. However, the extra layer of security it guarantees is worth this effort. It is best to combine 2FA with firewalls and backups, and regular monitoring to secure your website even further.