Whether to choose self-hosted or free blogging platform is a common dilemma faced by new bloggers. The majority of respondents to this question would express that a self-hosted blogging platform is the better alternative for bloggers who propose to build a professional image. It is essential to clear the confusion by understanding pros and cons of these two platforms.

Reviewing a free blogging platform

You can simply signup to get a domain and create your WordPress Hosting site by choosing from several sites that enable individuals to start their blogs for free. The most remarkable sites are WordPress.com and Blogger. These are regarded for not charging bloggers for creating their blogs.

Use of free blogging platforms

Free WordPress Hosting blogs are usually sought after for creating personal blogs or posting your pictures or uploading personal videos. These are frequently used for posting personal opinions or expressing feelings about certain news stories, or even writing stories or poems, by bloggers or users that belong to amateur category rather than professional. These free platforms are nothing more than mere spaces to vent personal opinions.

Demerits of free platforms for bloggers

Free blogging platforms suffer from lack of control and users are not able to enjoy freedom of hosting. The free blogging service providers impose wide ranging restrictions to restrict users’ freedom of site management.

Another issue with free WordPress Hosting blogging platform is the URL address has to include the provider’s name. This robs you of an opportunity of establishing your unique and professional identity. This will also impart an unprofessional look to your blog.

Free blogging platform offer limited number of free themes that are usually not suitable for the type of your content. The terms and conditions will prevent you from placing any ads on your blog thereby restricting you from making money with help of sponsored ads.

Your blog may starve due to insufficient resources including bandwidth and space. Needless to mention, users of free WordPress Hosting blogging platforms are unable to optimize their sites or add functionalities. Unless you optimize your site, you cannot drive traffic to enhance popularity of your blog. Moreover all your content gets indexed to the free website platform provider thereby blocking your SEO efforts. Leading search engines have low perception for free blog platforms and therefore these sites are offered low ranks in terms of search engine results.

This can become a major impediment if you are proposing to start a business venture. Free blogging sites will block all your attempts to get established as a business. Your potential clients will not have a proper perception about your business due to the free nature of your blog.

Professionalism of your website can only be conveyed by a unique domain name that can be built into a brand by itself. Free websites or free WordPress Hosting blogging platforms miserably fail to build a professional looking website.

Merits of self hosted blogs

Self hosted blog allows you freedom to create your own domain name that can be promoted as your online identity and brand. Presence of a clear domain name instantly sparks professionalism and facilitates you to use strong keywords, inbound links and Alt tags to promote your site to usher more traffic. Self hosted WordPress Hosting blog enables you to benefit from SEO and improved search engine ranking.

It also facilitates use of relevant theme as well as customization for creating a site that matches your expectations and requirements. Self hosted blog lets you add a touch of professionalism to your site that can attract more number of visitors.

Self hosted blog will also enable you to exercise full control on the content of your website such as posting ads for monetization.

In addition to this you can also add more functionalities and features to make your site more engaging for your visitors.

Self hosted WordPress Hosting blogs are ideal for building professional blogs. Even if you are an amateur blogger, it is recommended to start with self hosted blog, because you will be able to popularize your blog by the time you attain maturity of becoming a full-fledged professional blogger.

In conclusion

Free blogging platform offer only one advantage of being free and are not suitable for bloggers who wish to establish themselves as professionals. These free WordPress Hosting platforms can be highly beneficial for amateur bloggers who do not have any future plans to build their professional sites. We strongly recommend self hosted blog that allow full control on your site with a unique domain name and ability to optimize site for better SEO.