In today’s tech-savvy world, hosting is among the most sought-after businesses that has become an important part of everyday life. With an upsurge of websites, what could be better than hosting the websites? Though, before getting in reseller hosting, it is vital to have complete knowledge about it. To make you well-informed about reseller hosting, here is a brief guide. Take a look!

Reseller Hosting - 

It is an option that includes a hosting provider which rents bandwidth and hard drive space to small or medium size businesses, and also rents space to upstart entrepreneurs (third parties). In simple words, reseller hosting is defined as an ability to offer hosting to clients as if the reseller is the web hosting company itself. Usually, it is for entrepreneurs, who wish to have their web hosting company as well as for web designers/developers, who desire to increase additional services in their brand. 

How it works?

Following are the steps in order to establish reseller business –

• Do research and then choose a web hosting company 

• Buy reseller package, meeting the goals of business

• Understand and know the target market in order to locate new customers

• Make your hosting packages

• Decide the price

• Then, sell your hosting packages to the clients

• Earn profits

Benefits of Reseller Hosting - 

Reseller hosting provides amazing benefits to the existing or new brand. If you are a reseller, then you will –

• Make profits

• Act as hosting company and easily make money as well as create websites

• Design the hosting packages and plans which can be customized as per the clients’ and business’ needs

• Bill customers utilizing unique brand 

• Create separate control panels for every client

• Save huge sums of money with low start-up cost with an opportunity of upgradation later on

Types of Reseller Hosting –

1. Type as Per Application

In order to start with, you are required to decide which reseller perfectly suits your hosting requirements. Basically, there are two types of reseller hosting –

• Linux Reseller Hosting 

• Windows Reseller Hosting 

Depending on type of website, you will select the hosting. The major difference in between these hosting plans is app (according to the compatibility of Operating System). For instance, MySQL and PHP applications works on the Linux; hence, it is ideal for businesses, having WordPress websites. Though, applications like ASP and MSSQL run on the Windows, so you can choose a best Windows reseller hosting provider for your website. 

Witnessing the same, it is vital to know that you will be charged as per client; hence, you need to have a strategic business plan prior settling on a hosting plan. All-in-all, you have to be careful while considering the hosting site that you wish to host –

• Personal blogs

• Hosting the websites of large businesses

• Or both 

When you will consider all these things, then you can easily estimate resources required from a selected hosting provider. The best thing about this hosting is hosting provider would be responsible for technical problems. So, you don’t need to be tech-savvy or have programming knowledge in order to become a hosting reseller. 

2. Classification as Per Data Operations 

There are two kinds of reseller hosting as per operations –

• SDD Reseller Hosting

• HDD Reseller Hosting 

According to the name, HDD reseller hosting works with the hard disk drive technology that is completely mechanical. However, Solid State Drives (SSDs) are electronic and highly interoperable. Currently, it is the most popular technology. Many people use Solid State Drives (SSDs) as they provide fast loading speeds, good performance as well as minimal data loss.  

Things to Look for Before Choosing a Reseller Hosting Provider –

• Reliability

While selecting a reseller hosting provider, you should always look for reliability. Considering the host would be the in-charge of server-based problems, the hosting provider should be reliable for sure.  Understand which company has satisfied customers, rather than the best-selling plans. Read a few reviews and hosting forums of hosting providers prior to settling on one. You need to have satisfied clients in order to have better income. 

• Features

Usually, many companies provide round-the-clock technical support system, 99 percent uptime as well as good bandwidth. Though, a reliable hosting provider always offers additional features which are not provided by other companies. For instance, search if the client can utilize more than one programming language as well as if apps can run all their features. 

According to the websites hosted by you, you will need to find an ideal hosting package for you. In case, for instance, the websites hosted by you have a lot of visitors, then it is logical to have good bandwidth. Similarly, this is applied to resources like security. In case, you are handling the hosting of websites with credit card transactions, then it will be good if you secure those websites accordingly. If you are looking for a cheap windows dedicated server, then you can opt for DialWebHosting that offers best-in-class web hosting services along with SSL certificates or other beneficial features. So, avail best reseller hosting services from DialWebHosting and build a good reputation in the market.