The rising trend of security consciousness in the hosting industry in general and consumers of hosting services, in particular, is entirely justified, considering the sudden rise in hacking and data breach instances. It is also equally important to make visitors of your site feel that they are browsing a secure website, especially if you are running a business website such as an online store.

The most visible sign of any website being secure is the mark of lock in the address bar showing that the site is supported by an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate. In order to boost your site’s security an SSL certificates are essential and it can be procured by choosing from three most prominent types of versions.

Unless you have procured an SSL certificate, your site would not be able to leverage and exhibit HTTPs protocol. This allows your site to enjoy dual benefits including verification of site’s security as well as improved trust of visitors.

Simple and Quick Domain Validation

As mentioned earlier, you will have to choose from three different SSL certificates and as every type of the SSL has its own pros and cons, it would be logical to dig deeper into these options.

If you just want to establish ownership of the website, then a Domain Validation can be the best choice among three SSL certificates. Moreover, procurement of this DV is the most economical simplest and fastest option among three varieties of SSL certificates.

Certifying Authority only needs to confirm from records of Domain Name System that you are the actual owner of the site. Alternatively, confirmation can also be performed through email verification.

Apart from the speed and simplicity of procurement, Domain Validation hardly offers exclusive security features. This is the reason why some service providers do not charge for such types of SSL certificates. Of course, visitors of your site will be able to know that they are browsing a secure site just by looking at the URL.

Multiple Attributes of SSL Certificates

Intermediate Choice

If you want to procure an SSL certificate without any delay in addition to assurance of site’s security, then you will have to choose a slightly more expensive option of Organization Validation certificate. This is a much more technically superior alternative to Domain Validation and the process of validation takes a bit longer time.

Certifying Authorities need a longer period to assess the ownership and this can lead to some amount of delay in procurement of Domain Validation SSL certificates. For sites that are engaged in collecting user data of sensitive nature including user credentials, these SSL certificates are highly recommended.

Entire process of validation for procuring An Organization Validation certificate can be completed within five to seven days because your Certifying Authority will need to finish the investigation to establish the credentials of your organization. However, at the end of the day, you will have a satisfaction of providing your visitors a more secure browsing environment.

Among all types of SSL certificates, a Domain Validation certificate can assure you a minimum possible security for conducting critical online operations for a variety of transactions. However, if your site is engaged in dealing with usernames and passwords of visitors in addition to other types of personal information, then a much more secure option is available in the form of Extended Validation certificate.

Most Stringent and Secure

You have understood by now that the process of validation can take longer is you need to build greater trust with assurance of security for your visitors. In case, of SSL certificates that belong to the category of Organization Validation, the Certifying Authority must investigate the user’s claim that confirms his or her ownership of the organization.

In contrast, Extend Validation requires a thorough investigation of multiple organizational aspects such as legal status, domain name confirmation, business partners, and so forth. This is exactly why Extended Validation certificate is the most secure choice although the process needs longer time to be completed and is the most cost intensive alternative as well.

EV certificate is also reckoned to be the most secure among all SSL certificates. The period of validation can also be extended for a couple of weeks, unlike a Domain Validation certificate that could be procured within a matter of few hours.

EV certificates are popular among site owners who need the highest level of legitimacy and security for operating their business processes. These SSL certificates are naturally the first choice of ecommerce merchants for facilitating payment processing.


Among all available options, HTTPS is the most extensively adopted and respected communication protocol for website operators and visitors across the globe. This protocol needs to be supported by SSL certificates of different types as discussed in the post. One can directly approach a Certifying Authority or ask the web hosting service provider to get the right level of security in the form of SSL certificates.