Technology is witnessing a new surge of development in recent years, especially after the world went through some tough economic and financial times. The only thing that can increase productivity and thereby drive down per unit cost of things is surely technological advancement. In this article, some of the most popular and sought after future technologies are mentioned.

5 best technological trends that will dominated in 2017 are -

1. Internet of things (IoT) and Smart Home Technology

The technology that is on the brink of a revolution world over is the Internet of Things (popularly called IoT) and related smart home technologies. People have been living in smart homes for quite some time now. However, the scenario has started to change with technology now predicting our preferences on the basis of the personalised user experiences and others. With Google, Apple, Amazon, and other biggies already knowing our preferences are bringing in advanced Artificial Intelligence to work and making our works easier and more useful. In the ongoing 2017 and beyond that, some serious technological advancement can be seen in the field of IoT and smart home technologies.

2. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

It was in 2016 when we first witnessed some major steps being undertaken in the field of AR and VR both. The first advanced technological release that took place last year was known as Oculus Rift, which received positive reviews and people liked it. With this release, thousands of apps based on Virtual reality made its way into the market. Many games that are based on these technologies made their way into the market. Some of the Augmented Reality games such as that of AR game made their way into the gaming world, which witnessed more than 100 million downloads. These releases are just the beginning of a new technological pathway. The time has come for AR and VR to take off from here and reach the next level.

3. Machine Learning

One of the major technical advancements that has taken place recently is surely that in the field of machine learning. The advancement has been taking place since last few years but some serious strides were taken last year when assistance as well as enhancement took place in core search engine algorithm of Google. However, till now only a handful of such applications are seen have been seen. In the remaining half of 2017, technology geeks want to see advanced consumer application in machine learning. The world is moving towards a more advanced and integrated machine learning experience, where machine learning becomes the new normal. With Artificial Intelligence (AI) becoming more and more advanced, its application in machine learning is only going to increase by leaps and bounds in the coming days.

4. Automation

Automation has been taking place for quite some time now, either to enhance human capabilities or to make it easier for people to enjoy life. Automation will bring more good news for people in all spheres of life, making more and more human-exclusive works become automated. All these automation will enhance productivity by leaps and bounds. When automation will be coupled with machine learning, improvement in all spheres will improve even faster and the ongoing year – 2017 – will remain a truly landmark year for automation.

5. Humanised Big Data

Anyone who has a technical bend of mind with serious knowledge in social media data creation and storage will know that big data is becoming very important with every passing day. Big data is already making headlines because of the possibilities, especially in the field of medical care and treatments. However, one of the major drawbacks of big data is that it has a numerical foundation with its quantitative bend. This drawback is the other of the next invention and that is humanised human data. This humanised big data seeks more qualitative as well as empathetic data bits for analysing, visualising, and accessing real scenarios.


Once these advanced technologies hit the market, they will be required to be marketed. The technologies are listed and can be discussed properly for better understanding. Besides these 5 technical advancements, there are other aspects including physical-digital integrations as well as on-demand techniques.