Selling is a challenging task and can be very interesting of you know the basic rules of the game. You are essentially selling benefits of a product or service and if you are convinced about benefits of your own product, then the entire process of selling becomes meaningful. 

Highlights of challenges faced by service websites

However there are subtle differences between selling a product and selling a service. There are different challenges that need to be overcome by individuals who are into selling services. Selling something that is not perceptible or something, which does not have any physical existence can be quite complex.

It should be appreciated that for your target audience, you as a service sales-person are perceived as a product. Any person who is in a service business such as mechanic, doctor, insurance agent, painter, tailor, architect, lawyer, security service provider, or a caretaker is considered to be a product by itself. 

You are essentially selling your skills and the most important and limited resource of time. I have seen many professional consultants charging their clients on hourly basis. Hence the real challenge faced by you would be management of your time. 

Anybody who is selling a service needs to deliver results within stipulated time frame with repeatability of success every time. Your clients may be having different needs and the situations may not be similar in every instance. Clients will be expecting repetition of the results irrespective of such variables. 

Internet is a designed to ensure global visibility of your business. However, this feature of World Wide Web is hardly of any use to people who are selling services. Services are preferably required locally and you must ensure that you are able to attract the local traffic of your target customers while using a medium with a global perspective. Attracting local clientele to visit your site can be an uphill task. 



These challenges can be easily overcome by implementation of strategies that are discussed here. 

Establishing ‘your’ credibility 

It has been already mentioned earlier that a person who is selling service is himself a product. Hence you must ensure that the ‘product’ is perceived as a credible choice. Your site should be able to describe yourself as someone who is able to add immense value to the actual services that are being offered. It should be noted that clients are not here foe selection of services that particular aspect is already over. They have landed at your site mainly because they are in search of a reliable and credible service provider. The site should be able to present you as a professional service provider. 

It is okay to include your credentials, but it will be more relevant to talk about the actual benefits that will be offered to customers due to the credentials. Clients are more interested in benefits that are relevant to them. 

One more tried and tested way to build reputation is by using testimonials. You can include brief reviews of your past clients speaking good about your services or you may upload photographs of your past work as proof of your work. 

Being specific

Your website should be able to communicate exactly what is being offered in terms of service and clients should be able to get a fair idea about the proper nature of your services. Remember, there is large number of providers offering similar services. Your site should be able to differentiate your service offerings from others. 

You can provide appropriate information if there is something extra being offered in comparison with others or if there is a particular area of specialization that highlights superiority of your services. You can also provide minute details of your service including guarantees, delivery periods, and so forth.

Every client needs to be assured that a service provider will customize the services according to his or her unique needs. Rather, every customer feels that his needs are unique. Your website should be able to convey that you will be able to provide tailor-made services. 

Provide an easy access

Although it is too obvious to explain, a website that is designed to project services must enable visitors to contact the service provider without any hassles. In fact the ultimate aim of such sites must be the visitor checking out the contact details. You can simplify the process of contact by uploading an online quote request, details about email address, phone numbers, and also a physical address of the service provider. The contact details must be accessible from every page of your site to make it more convenient for your potential clients to get in touch with you. 

Leveraging local online resources

It is estimated that more than one third queries on search engines are related to local queries. It is for the same reason that leading search engines have launched local services for online search. Hence it becomes essential to get your website listed in local business directories. 

Enhanced networking for attracting local traffic

Generating traffic by establishing strong networking contacts with local businesses is a proven technique of driving local customers to your website. This can also be done more effectively by offering a portion of your profits to businesses as a token for referrals. 

Past customers

If you have been doing a creditable job, then you must request your existing clients to provide referrals. They are also your potential customers for repeat business. It would be a better idea to use email communications for following up with existing or past customers. 

There is hardly any difference between selling services and products in terms of the tools that one needs to use for generating traffic. However there is vast difference in terms of approach and focus.