Modern data centers have made servers more reliable, so website outages are not that common. They are not rare either. Outages can happen for many reasons, some beyond control. Website outage, even for a few seconds, may end up costing plenty of money. This is one reason all businesses should have a plan for dealing with downtime on websites. Here are some components of the best website outage plan.

Data backup

Your site is hosting plenty of content. Much of the data is crucial to the site’s functioning. It is important to copy the data to a secure location so that your website can be made functional within minutes of data loss. Most hosting services offer data backup plans for businesses, either as standalone service or part of a hosting package. This can help you relax when hit with the possibility that your site might have lost its data. To be doubly safe, it is important to copy the data to your own hard drive. There are data backup services, independent of website hosting services, which also offer cheap backup plans.

Dedicated hosting

Shared hosting is a cheap solution for small businesses and individuals who are just starting out with their business or online involvement. As a business grows, however, you might feel that shared hosting does not offer the resources that you require. Website outage can happen when you run out of bandwidth and the site crashes, in popular terminology. This is one reason businesses with growing popularity and numbers of online users may look at other types of hosting plans. Dedicated hosting offers plenty of resources since the entire server is set aside for your business. The best hosting companies such as DialWebHosting offer affordable dedicated hosting. That said, if you are looking for something less expensive, but also higher on resources, VPS hosting plans might be just the right choice.

VPS hosting involves virtualized servers, so you get the resources of dedicated servers, without a hardware server. This reduces the costs while offering plenty of resources. This might also offer more security, thus reducing the risk of an outage.

Look at site performance stats

Thanks to easy to use dashboards, you can check for updates to your site that could have caused it to go down. Identifying the problem helps resolve it quickly. You can also ask users to let you know if they are unable to use your site. Often, site owners may not be aware that their site is not accessible for users.

Technical support

Choosing a web hosting company that offers immediate assistance in the event of an outage is very important. You might look for technical assistance in the form of online messaging, phone calls, or email. It is important that the support is available24/7. This is because websites are always at work, even when you have retired for the day. Any outage can, therefore, affect the business, even after office hours. Also, the longer you leave the issue unresolved, the harder it can be to get the site up and running, leading to loss of business hours.

Contact customers

It is a good idea to let customers know when the site is expected to be back online if you have any information on it. This will offer them assurance, and would not reflect badly on your business. If an outage is not a common occurrence for your site, customers may not think much about it. A speedy resolution could minimize the damage.

Find technical assistance

If the outage is caused by a malfunction on your end, or due to circumstances you want to avoid, you can call a technical expert to help you. Most large businesses have their own IT departments. Small businesses may not have that luxury. However, there are independent professionals who offer advice and services in the times of emergency. Calling for their assistance is one way to ensure that the site can be up and running as soon as possible.

DialWebHosting offers reliable website hosting services, which enables businesses to ensure that their site downtime is reduced or eliminated. It comes with cPanel style dashboard, which makes it easy to use even for those with moderate technical skills. With an affordable hosting plan, strong customer support, and advanced security, DialWebHosting is the first step to ensuring a thriving, growing online presence.