Selecting a best hosting company for the business could be an uphill task, especially if someone is new and don’t know about the hosting which will fit his/her needs. However, failing to do so might be an expensive mistake. It may result in spending plenty of funds on the website’ features which are not required. Apart from this, it might end up in losing the site visitors owing to the lack of uptime or website features. Witnessing the same, we have listed ten factors that you should consider before selecting an ideal web server hosting company for your business. Read on!

1. Price of Hosting Plan

It is one of the major factors that need to be considered before making a decision of choosing a web host. Though, it should not be deciding factor as there are various things that you need to know about free hosting. For instance, they might not be taking proper security measures and don’t provide enough support. In addition, they don’t have a control over the ads and their placement. Therefore, unless, it won’t cost you heavy nowadays. 

Shared hosting is skilled of hosting, be it low or average traffic of the websites. In case, your site demands heavy traffic, then you might consider the dedicated servers. In order to select a hosting company for your business, you first confirm the offerings by the company according to your needs.

2. Technical Support

This is the vital factor which should be look after to select a hosting company with friendly and dedicated customer care executives. Getting beached in the midnight the moment your site crashes or lose the files is obviously the last thing that you ever want. 

There are some things that you must look for how the support is provided. Does hosting provider offers ticket (email) system, phone support, and live chats for every hosting plan? Do they provide support services round-the-clock? These things are essential, especially when you reside in different time zone than hosting provider. Does service provider responds within the timeframe of 24 hours. 

3. Client Reviews

Hosting reviews are also good information resource. Most of the web server hosting providers claim on the websites the opinion of customers/clients about them. There are clients who shares their views, so you must read their reviews about the hosting company that what they liked or disliked about them. Also, listen to family and friends for recommendations. After that, you can make the judgment.

4. Email Features

With no doubt, any of the business needs dedicated email addresses which can be utilized for various business activities. Therefore, prior selecting a hosting company, it is necessary to check the availability of email addresses. Apart from this, one must check automated responding capability of email addresses. A company must have an adequate solution of stop spamming problems. 

5. Add-Ons/ Features

There are a few features that you must consider as per the goals of the website. In case, you are planning to possess over one domain so you must look for hosting company which is providing several unlimited add-on domains.

In addition, you should also look that if a hosting company is providing money back guarantee or free trial. However, not each hosting company, but many provides such features and assure to offer reliable hosting services. 

6. Security

In the past and even today, you read about the sites which are being hacked. So, it is necessary that you must opt for a hosting company which considers security as its top priority. You must ask a few questions like whether these data centers are secured or servers working on new software version or do they provide SSL certificates

In spite of the fact that site must load faster, security is must as without it the website is of no use. Instant loading website always lure more and more visitors. Thus, a web hosting provider must guarantee the security, regarding personal, private and financial data. 

7. Hosting Hardware

The hardware of hosting provider regulates the hosting performance that affects the loading speed of website. It is vital to check hardware of a web hosting provider. What sort of the hardware they are using? Are they sufficient enough to meet the clients’ requirements? Are the servers tested or latest? Do a web hosting provider’s data center is well-equipped with cutting-edge technology? Is it just a one-man show or a set up based in the garage with only two servers? You must inquire about all these things and get complete information. 

8. Scalability

A few web hosting providers gives several hosting plans and products which comes handy. If the site is facing huge amount of traffic which needs upgradation to a new hosting plan like maybe from shared hosting to the dedicated server or VPS. In case, web hosting provider is not offering such plans, they will manage the moving hassle to other service provider and it also provides you the required update. This could be best in case you opt for a hosting company which permits the scale up in the near future at the time when website grows. 

9. Essential Features

Bandwidth limit, hard disk space, and numerous domains permitted are a few basic features which you must check before signing up with a web hosting provider. The storage space of website is hard disk space. Nowadays, many shared hosting providers give ‘unlimited’ space in hard disk. What they mean is you will get high space as compared to a simple website will provide you. If you have a forum or an e-commerce website, so you might require a lot of space. Therefore, refer TOS. Though, ensure that you will require backup space according to the growth in future.