In this fast paced competitive business landscape, entrepreneurs operating any type of online business are tapping on the potential of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to develop a niche market that improves their online visibility. Presently, it is considered as one of the ideal ways for formulating   internet marketing strategies enabling organizations to use keywords for enhancing their website traffic as well as search engine rankings. 

So, what exactly is Search Engine Optimization and how it has a direct impact on your business? This blog attempts to answer these questions in detail. 

SEO as defined by industry experts is mainly the process that affects the online visibility of a company’s web page or website through a search engine's organic or natural search results. Most of the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing encompass primary keyword search results wherein online web content (such as web page content or videos) are shown as well as ranked on the basis of most relevant content to users as considered by these search engines. 

In fact, the web hosting company selected by an enterprise to host its website also has a direct impact on online content ranking. Even though choosing the best service provider cannot boost your ranking, but it can avoid significant consequences of selecting the wrong host. For this reason, decision makers need to carefully select the right ISV for their business. Some of the important web hosting factors that can fluctuate your monthly SEO ranking are:

- Website uptime or downtime: Downtime refers to the total amount of time for which your website remains inaccessible due to server issues. During this time, search engine spiders may attempt to visit your website and can possibly move to another website. Most of the reasonable hosting plans offer guaranteed 99.9% server uptime that can effectively overcome this issue.

- Website speed: There is no denying the fact that if the webpage loading speed is slower than the average, then the coding and configuration of your site possibly will slow down. This is typically common in shared hosting where multiple users share the same computing resources. By moving your website to dedicated server hosting, companies can improve their page loading speed. 

Now, let’s move to the next part i.e. how SEO ranking can help you boost your website traffic and improve online visibility. Listed below are some of the important tips on improving your website visibility through search engine optimization: 
Content: It is considered as one of the crucial factors for any website looking to improve its traffic. Your website content needs to be fresh and should include all the useful and updated information on your offerings. 

Keywords: Next step is to place appropriate keywords in titles, URLs, images, and other website content. One should carefully place keywords as ‘keyword stuffing’ can label your website as a spammer.

Linking: Integrating internal links to your website is an easy and convenient way for attracting visitors to your individual pages. 

URLs: Making URLs more friendly to search engine presents better opportunity for businesses to reach out to clients. 

Social Media Platforms: Leveraging social media connections for distributing links to your site is a highly recommended SEO strategy that can multiply your visitors by manifold times. 

To conclude, SEO practice proves to be an important way of running your website in a more diligent way. If used incorrectly, the tool can damage your website. In addition, availing this solution from the best web hosting company can assure guaranteed network uptime together with better internet experience to the end users.