Shared hosting is the first step bloggers take when they contemplate setting up their own websites.

This is a good decision by any standards.

It is cheap, and by its functionality serves your purpose.

But if your blogging is lapped up by readers, you will outgrow shared hosting faster than you think and soon enough actively consider upgrading to a higher platform.

Yes, you rightly chose WordPress because it is a powerful blogging platform. After all, scores of people start with WordPress blog every day. 
But not all succeed though. Many give up after a few weeks, because they fail to pull in traffic.

You probably succeeded because you were able to keep visitors on the blog by focusing only on one or two interesting topics, made a lot of friends on the way, and perhaps also did a bit of guest blogging.

So it is not surprising that in due course traffic to your blog surged. And it is also the time for an upgrade or migration to a higher platform.

In such a scenario, VPS hosting server is the next logical step.

But you may hesitate at first because of the general perception that VPS hosting is much pricier and far more difficult to set up than shared hosting.

This observation is not necessarily true.

There are a few VPS Hosting Server vendors that offer amazingly attractive deals.

Therefore it makes sense to go with VPS hosting by choosing the right vendor because shared server hosting will no longer fulfill your purpose.
With VPS, the user gets not only a powerful server but also guaranteed system resources allotted exclusively to the customer alone.

Here are a few good reasons why VPS is an excellent option to upgrade from shared hosting

Custom installations

With VPS, the client gets root access. This enables the user to manage all applications by the control panel.

For those who are not aware, rooting refers to allowing the user to get privileged control over various systems. In other words, by root access you can perform tasks such as:

 - Edit any file/document on the server
 - Install server applications
 - Configure applications such as MySQL and Apache. 

Perform data backups

With VPS Hosting Server, you get solutions or methodologies to backup your data. This is a very indispensable feature, because when a disaster befalls your network you  will be required to restore data.

Performance and resources

VPS Hosting Server decidedly comes with more disk space, bandwidth, CPU and RAM. After all these are the very features you desire in an upgrade.

It is true that many of the disadvantages associated with shared server hosting have been addressed. Today many customers are quite satisfied with shared hosting plans offered by hosting vendors.

Yet, there are situations when VPS hosting server is the best bet, especially when you are running your blog on WordPress.

For example, with shared hosting you cannot run scripts other than what is prescribed. Some commands may be blocked as well.

On the other hand VPS Hosting Server being an isolated hosting environment enables you to run scripts, a feature you will find useful with WordPress.

As someone rightly pointed out, VPS offers functions and features of a dedicated server minus the price.

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