Online businesses always try to provide their target audience or customers with fast services that help them flourish and achieve the next momentum of growth. Hosting is one of the most important things that help in providing faster online services. If you want proper functioning of the most important things in your online business including optimization of resources and proper functioning, proper hosting solution and package must be chosen. In case, you already have some experience with hosting, you must have heard about control panels in web hosting.  cPanel and Plesk servers make management of web servers easy. It has been seen that choice of the right hosting solution along with the control panel can lead to reduction of operating cost as well as resources. In fact, efficiency of your online business increases along with enhancement in customer satisfaction as well as efficiency.

Control Panels - Plesk and cPanel

Whether you choose cPanel or Plesk control panel, both are embedded with rich features as well as functionalities. In fact, there are many similar functionalities as well as features between cPanel and Plesk. 

Let’s talk about Plesk first. It is a complete multi level hosting control panel. With the wide array of options available with this control panel businesses can build as well as maintain hosting business. These features also help them build as well as maintain different aspects of hosting. 

In this manner users get complete control over their sites.   The interface is easy to navigate and therefore can go through various sections. 

Another control panel type is cPanel, which is essentially a Linux based one. Outstanding graphical interface as well as automation tools makes the processes efficient as well as easy. When using cPanel, the user gets a clear graphical interface and with the help of which Unix server’s portions can be managed in proper manner. 

The processes involved in both cPanel and Plesk control panels have many similarities. However, there are multiple dissimilarities too. 

Both the advantages as well as disadvantages are listed below –

#1 Cost is one of the major aspects that make businesses choose a particular web panel. If you are a business owner you must know that cPanel is a relatively cheaper option available to you. In fact, this is the reason why cPanel is more known by the smaller business communities. However, it must also be said at this point in time that there are smaller plans and cheaper versions of Plesk panels available too. However, the premium features of Plesk control panel are not available at cheaper prices. Some of the premium aspects of Plesk that would require you to pay more are power pack, premium antivirus facility, Kaspersky anti-virus, web site builder, and many more. You can find these features in the dedicated server and VPS hosting solution and packages. 

#2 Plesk is a multi level hosting control panel. You will get a wide array of building and maintenance solution for your hosting when opting for Plesk control panel. Different kinds of options are available that can be utilized by the business solution for easy navigation. For accomplishing the given tasks easily, the users will get an easy to navigate interface. Many businesses are found to prefer plesk dedicated server and there are obvious reasons associated with them. 

Another popular control panel is cpanel, which is essentially a graphical web-based control panel. This helps users in handling as well as managing different elements of server operations. Some of the most common usage elements are file hosting, account hosting, file management, emails, and many more. In fact, the users can also customize functions in accordance to their specific needs. These functions help them in completing business operations in a given time frame. 

#3 Plesk control panel can be found in both Windows OS and Linux OS. When using it for Linux system, it requires at least 10GB hard disk along with 512 MB RAM. When going for a Windows system, the Plesk control panel needs at least 32GB hard disk along with 1GB RAM. When it comes to cPanel, it supports only Linux based system. 

Titrate the various factors mentioned and choose the one that suits your needs best.