On the basis of number of websites using the space of server, the servers can be classified as shared, virtual private servers (VPS) and dedicated. While shared servers have many websites hosted, the VPS do not have as many and the dedicated ones only have a single client. Each of these has its own pros and cons and different suitability for different clients. VPS servers are based on the concept of virtualization and allow for users to have considerable control over the server configuration. Shared ones do not allow for any control over configuration while dedicated servers, on the contrary, allow full control to users. Thus, VPS servers have a mid-way utility. There are many providers of VPS services with different types of plans. The best VPS server hosting provider would offer the many advantages.

VPS servers are best used when there is a need for more storage space, more RAM and more bandwidth. These servers allocate good amount of these resources for use by a client. When the website is receiving a good traffic, there is no need to move to a higher level dedicated server as VPS servers can handle reasonably good traffic and provide support of bandwidth to websites or portals. It is only when traffic becomes too high that bandwidth limits are crossed significantly that the dedicated ones are required. However, most of the websites hosted on a VPS would not need a dedicated one for a few years.

Best VPS server hosting provider would also offer the best prices in the market. There is at least a difference of one-third to one-half in the prices of the VPS plans and dedicated server plans. It is to be noted that the VPS servers are run on concept of virtualization which makes the users assume that they are using a complete machine resource but actually there are some other tenants on that machine as well. This allows the hosting provider to reduce the costs charged from clients. This makes VPS hosting a lot more preferable to the dedicated one, especially when the storage and bandwidth requirements are being met.

Another benefit of the VPS servers is that these allow customizations to be done as per the requirements. While the best VPS server hosting provider might not allow changes to basic server setting, clients are allowed to host applications and run software of their own. Clients are given complete freedom to manage server hosting space provided to them. The providers simply have to create users and allow them to use the server resources.

Best VPS server hosting provider also provides the cloud-based services. Both VPS and cloud hosting services are based on concept of virtualization. Modern day providers also offer the facility to switch to cloud services for attaining more flexibility in usage, scalability of operations and enhancing the performance of website. This way they are able to offer multiple hosting solutions to the clients, from the conventional VPS hosting to the contemporary Cloud-based services.