There can be many arguments to the oft repeated cliché, ‘behind every successful man there is a woman’. However there can be no two opinions about the fact that behind every successful online venture, there is an appropriate and robust hosting plan.

Robust online presence of your ecommerce venture can lead to greater customer engagement and faster conversions. While selecting the type of hosting for operating an online business one must pay special attention to the ability of web hosting to improve website performance through unrelenting online visibility.

Selection of hosting type 

There is a common belief that new websites should begin their online voyage with help of shared hosting. This has been a well accepted tradition due the fact that shared hosting offers amazing economy and new websites have relatively low resource requirements that can be easily fulfilled in a shared hosting environment.

However, shared hosting does not guarantee security and privacy. It is also vulnerable to compromised performance due to resource hogging websites that are residing on same server. Reputation of your website can also be harmed in view of spamming or other illegitimate activities of neighboring websites and this can even result in blacklisting of your website.

This brings us to the next logical option of VPS hosting. Virtual Private Server or VPS is an amalgamation of cutting edge virtualization technology, privacy of dedicated hosting, and economy of shared hosting. This empowers users of VPS hosting with unmatched benefits that can directly elevate website performance to the next level.

Striking features of VPS

Most of the unique benefits of VPS hosting can be attributed to its distinct design that helps users enjoy privacy of hosting in spite of operating in a shared environment. It lets you experience amazing peace of mind with all your website resources being made exclusively available to you and the website being totally isolated from other accounts.

In VPS hosting the there is a guaranteed availability of important resources to your website even if the other accounts need to consume greater resource. This highlights the reason why VPS enabled websites continue to perform better than those operating in shared hosting environment.

VPS hosting boosts website performance with faster page loading, instant access to website features, rapid opening of pages, faster downloads of website content, and swift checkout with secured payment processing. These factors are highly sought after by online entrepreneurs.

Websites that are using VPS hosting derive following unique advantages:

 Ideal environment for rapid growth
 Assured support during peak traffic
 Enables hosting of multiple sites
 Privacy and controls
 Seamless scalability with dedicated CPU and RAM

In contrast to shared hosting, Virtual Private Server Hosting entitles you to a complete root access to server so that you can install applications of your choice or enable firewall to protect you hosting environment. It also helps you manage the hosting operations with help of web based control panel and offers freedom of selecting either Linux or Windows operating system. VPS hosting enables you to custom configure your server according to your unique hosting needs.

Reliable hosting

In spite of its multi-tenant environment, VPS offers amazingly isolated environment that provides immunity from noisy neighbors. It also ensures protection from unauthorized intrusion by cyber criminals. The essential resources required for smooth performance of a business website, including RAM, bandwidth, and disk space are not shared by other users in VPS hosting. This is one of the major factors for growing adoption of VPS as an entry level hosting by online entrepreneurs.

Performance of website in VPS hosting can be only compared with a dedicated server hosting due to its uncompromised resource availability, security as well as privacy. With VPS hosting your website can look forward to highly gratifying user experience on account of rapid page loading and incessant availability.

In order to run mission critical applications, you are offered enhanced security configurations in VPS hosting. This is an important feature for providing a secure environment of payment processing to online customers.


It is observed that a plethora of startups and web projects are leveraging VPS hosting due to its cost efficiency. The economy of VPS hosting needs to be considered in the backdrop of its features that are comparable with dedicated hosting. VPS hosting helps online merchants strike perfect balance between a high performance hosting and budget friendly option.