Many companies offer shared web hosting solutions, which is an optimal option for the businesses that have just stepped into the realm of digital world and do not expect high visitor traffic on their website. However, if the visitor traffic exceeds the prescribed limit, to match the current business standards, VPS hosting is considered as a cogent option. Upgrading to VPS hosting has a host of benefits, making it an apt fit for resource intensive and low-moderate traffic engaging websites. 

Lets take a closer look at some of the key attributes, which you should bear in mind while shopping for VPS hosting plans:

Reliability: Market is flooded with both spurious and authentic hosting providers, making it difficult for the users to determine which hosting vendor provided plans will amicably match their business standards. Network uptime with N+1 redundancy is an inevitable factor to count upon for making a real difference in the busy world. 

Security Protocols: As already mentioned,hosting providers are growing by leaps and bounds, all proclaiming to take your business to the roads of success. However, there are only a few who stick to their commitment and go beyond to shape your business without negotiating on security and compliance requirements. Securing websites against nasty viruses and fraudulent activities is of dire need to gain edge over the counterparts, which can only be promised by a web host with adequate network, physical and application security provisions. 

Accessibility: An absolute separation of VPS clients on the same physical server using virtualization technique, gives each of the hosted client a dedicated space for their websites, and applications.Unlike shared hosting, a VPS client is not dependent on the service provider to install applications. Root access provided with this hosting solution allows users to boot, reboot, and install the server, when and where required. 

In a nutshell, VPS hosting gives you added reliability, security, flexibility to installsoftware applications and monitor resource usage by eliminating the need to store and manage the VPS server on premise, making this type of hosting a befitting business investment.