Today, most of the companies prefer choosing Linux virtual private server owing to its potential to boost business proficiency by averting hazardous security instances.  There is a revelation that Linux powered VPS servers can radically change the way applications are developed and deployed.  Technically, virtual private containers allow multiple applications to be run on the same physical server meeting varying business and IT requirements. A virtual system helps in lowering down the costs of ownership. Other savings are resulted from streamlined and simplified system administration. 

Linux VPS servers can swiftly encapsulate any software application on dependency. For instance, if a website is dependent on specific version of the PHP or other scripting language, Linux can easily encapsulate that particular version. As a result, a number of versions of same scripting language can swiftly run in the same given environment with no overhead costs. In VPS, hypervisors create an absolute abstraction (absolute isolation of containers) at the hardware level helping in speeding up application development, simplifying security hassles making it easier for businesses to adopt advancing IT models. Moreover, this hosting platform provides greater flexibility and efficiency. 

Now let's dig deeper to understand how efficient can be a Linux VPS web hosting solution for a thriving business:

Open Source: Linux is an open source operating system available free of cost whileMicrosoft's Windows involves hefty licensing fee. Typically, Microsoft licenses are allowed to be installed on one single machine while Linux can be installed on multiple systems at no costs.

Security: Be it e-commerce or information directory all demand high security protocols to stay protected against vulnerabilities. There is no denying the fact that Linux has maintained to stay protected in the realm of widespread viruses, spyware and adware.  The operating system is designed in a way that it can mitigate or fight against infestation. 

Options: Linux provide flexibility and power to control every aspect of the operating system to its allied users.  Unlike Windows, you don't have to stick aroundboring default desktop themes. Additionally, a majority of Linux software applications are available free of cost giving users new vistas of opportunities to build, deploy or manage applications. 

Indeed, Linux emerges as an outstanding solution for all size businesses ensuring flexibility, security and performance with no hefty investment. However, this can only drive your business to enter into profit motif if subscribed from a reliable Linux VPS hosting provider.