Prior to the introduction of VPS solutions, dedicated server was the only available option to escape insecure and unreliable support of shared hosting.

Thanks to the amazing technology of virtualization, progressive organizations can now enjoy dedicated resources without compromising economy. Users of shared hosting plans embrace virtual private server hosting to address a wide range of problems encountered in a shared hosting environment. 

Superiority of VMware 

Virtual Private Servers leverage the virtualization technology that virtually divides a standalone server into virtual machines, which are also named as containers. Every virtual machine is capable of working as an individual server by delivering dedicated resources, privacy, and controls to a user similar to a dedicated server. 

VMware is truly a king of virtualization platforms since all competitors put together cannot even come close to its commanding market share. If you thought that VMware is nothing but a basic module of kernel, then you are sadly mistaken. Built from the scratch, VMware supersedes all cheap or free versions of downloadable virtualization platforms in terms of its security and fault proof features. 

Virtualization platform is designed to help virtualize machines and VMware offers its type-1 hypervisor VMware ESXi that is an enterprise grade platform with a distinct approach. It is not a run of the mill software program that needs to be installed in an operating system. On the contrary, ESXi is designed to integrate and encompass important components of the operating system. In terms of maturity of the platform, VMware offers the best value for money. 

Resource optimization 

It is possible to fix the upper and lower values to make sure that the resource consumption is always kept under check. If you want to experience hardware virtualization by achieving true value of the process, then there is no other option than VMware. ESXi adds a new perspective to virtualization by enabling better performance with minimum resources leading to lower hypervisor requirement. 

With help of VMware one can be assured of a seamless and isolated operating environment. When one adds ESXi host to the virtualization platform there is a guarantee of easy access to dedicated resources including disk and RAM for a truly dedicated experience. 

No more over-committing 

Many unreliable hosting providers oversell their resources by way of forcing your systems to handle unwanted number of containers. In the bargain, users are not sure of being offered what they are paying for. There is a need to check whether your provider has systems in place to deliver advantages of VMware virtualization along with the hosting plans. Even though, the search for VPS server host that promise virtualization on the platform of VMware ESXi is overwhelming, it would be worth the effort. 

VMware boosts resource sharing

Just like any shared hosting environment, a VPS arrangement can lead to issues due to over-consumption by an individual member website. The entire gamut of resources such as CPU, disk space, and RAM are collectively responsible for the available compute capacity. This capacity is divided within logical pools with help of aggregation. If a single Virtual Machine is constantly causing load due to over-consumption, then the same will have to be supported by allocating required resources thereby redistributing the load over to another physical hardware. 

Resource pooling among physical servers was nothing but a dream, which is now a reality due to advent of Dynamic Resource Scheduling attribute of VMware. Unlike the past practice of building Virtual Machines on a standalone machine, the new technology of VMware facilitates resource to be shared by several Virtual Private Servers in a remarkable fashion. 

Promise of high availability

The most worrying aspect of a large chunk of VPS providers is the lack of reliability in terms of failover services because of a considerable downtime resulting in breach of availability. The HA clustering feature of VMware can make sure that your critical applications continue to be up and running even if the hypervisors are undergoing maintenance. 

In addition, to optimize and balance resource distribution, DRS powered VMware solutions help users enjoy benefits of green hosting in addition to branded and high-end HP hardware at affordable costs. 

Unmatched hypervisor security 

Thanks to the unique feature of Distributed Resource Scheduler of VMware, that adds a robust layer of security by bringing about absolute separation of compute, RAM, and other needs. This is not the case with other cheap versions of virtualization platforms. VMware optimizes Virtual Machines to access independent portion of physical machine. 

VMware has earned an unshakeable reputation for being the most security conscious virtualization platform. This also explains why almost every Fortune 500 company out there trusts VMware to eliminate threats and vulnerabilities. 

In conclusion

There would be hardly a single virtualization technology provider that will even come close to VMware in terms of security, availability, and other advanced features. VMware has helped realize the dream of servers that need no hardware at all.