There are different hostingservices available in the market. However customers have to wiselydifferentiate one from another understanding the nitties and gritties of each. No hosting is the best or tops the table. It is all about matching your specific requirements. The apt service is certainly the best service for your organization. Understanding key differentiating factors in shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS and cloud server hosting is pivotal. Only then you will been titled to a smart decision.

Let us discuss they keyhighlights of every hosting service keeping prime focus on shared hosting:

  -  In a shared hosting, a server is shared by manywebsites. They not only share a common server, but also network bandwidth, CPU utilization, RAM offered, disk space, storage space, etc. Although there mightbe a risk of service degradation if other websites use up more of the shared resources, it serves just perfect for most SMBs. For start-up businesses - which constitute a major portion of the business segment - the allocated resources suffice to their needs. Only if your business is well established, you need adedicated or a cloud server to match constant high traffic or to ease out during peak loads/seasonal demands.

  -  Shared hosting - Linux web hosting or windows shared hosting - is cheap as there is no dedicated line assigned to you (dedicated servers) or a cluster of servers (cloud computing) to support your web traffic. The resources offeredare sufficient to keep sites up and running for most of the businesses. There is no point paying extra for a dedicated server if your website does notexperience such high demand.

  -  It is the starting point forevery company. Jumping straightaway to a cloud hosting environment or buying adedicated line for your business may prove futile. Going step by step, scaling your resources and IT infrastructure as you grow is a wise choice.

Hence choose a service provider that hasbest-in-class hosting facilities in terms of network uptime, data center infrastructure, multi-layered security system and customization.