Choosing a perfect hosting solution is one of the most perplexing decisions for someone who is new to blogging. The sheer variety of products and systems can create a roadblock if you are a new entrant in the world of blogging. 

Selection of the right service provider, relevance of a hosting solution, choice of hosting plan, and many such decisions can make the whole process of launching a new website utterly confusing. 

Cost benefits of multi-tenancy

To make it simpler, let us explore advantages offered by most basic and straightforward option of shared hosting. You can avail services of shared hosting at much more economical rates in comparison with dedicated hosting. Any other type of hosting can be at least ten times costlier than shared hosting. 

Shared hosting is a multi-tenant arrangement to accommodate multiple websites on a single platform in order to pass on the economy benefits of a shared environment. It is also an extremely easy option of operating your blog site that may not require huge resources in terms of bandwidth, disk space, or RAM.

Shared hosting is the most preferred choice of entry level websites owners who are not sure about their resource requirements. It is prudent to get limited resources and avoid paying for excess resources that may not be utilized. 

Shared hosting can be a great choice for sites that are not handling sensitive information including credit card details, personal login details or information related to online transactions. 

Shared hosting can be an ideal solution for new website owners as well as bloggers. The bandwidth resources that are available with the most basic plan of shared hosting can be more than sufficient for new web ventures. If your website is going to handle resource intensive stuff such as large media files or video database, then you will have to think of dedicated server hosting.

Easy to setup

Shared hosting is a highly sought after hosting solution by those who are new to hosting. This is primarily due to the ease of setup and simplicity of maintenance. Higher versions of hosting can prove to be highly complex for new entrants. You can easily get your site up and running by following simple steps without need for higher technical knowledge. Availability of plugins for blogging solutions including WordPress make it even more convenient to get things going. 

Reliable and instant support

In addition to simple and easy setup, you will be assured of seamless support that is more reliable than dedicated or VPS hosting. This may appear to be an exaggeration. However, since there are many websites running in the same environment the technical support is much faster than other types of hosting. Hosts are more concerned with hundreds of websites operating on one platform than only a single account in dedicated or VPS hosting. 

Since all website management tasks are handled by technical personnel from web hosting company, you are able to concentrate on your core competency in more effective manner. This will also improve your productivity as a blogger or as an entrepreneur. 

Economical trial option

If you are skeptical about the suitability of shared hosting plan for your website or blogging venture, then you can avail a month’s subscription for the sake of trial. This is usually a beneficial option for an entry level websites or new bloggers due to the low cost of shared hosting. Most of the reputed hosting providers allow ease of migration from one plan to another. Hence you can ideally start with the lowest plan and gradually move upwards as per the growth of your site. 

Obvious choice of small websites and bloggers

Shared hosting is the choice of majority of website owners due to its economy and simplicity. You need not have great Linux administration skills to manage and maintain your website or run different software programs. You only have to get your website uploaded and then leave everything to the host. 

User friendly applications and presence of cPanel enhance simplicity of website management. You can also upload content or images by using the control panels and enjoy a decent level of customizability. The control panel facilitates checking of statistics for gaining access to information about different aspects of website traffic and so forth. 

Finally, you need to look for a web hosting provider with proven reputation of offering remarkable customer service as well as round the clock technical support. You should also study various shared hosting plans to choose the right option that matches your requirements. 

These are few of the compelling advantages of shared hosting for new websites or bloggers. It must be appreciated that shared hosting helps you optimize your expenses by offering the right amount of resources. 

It also empowers you with an option to upgrade your plan at any stage of hosting. This is the basic reason for majority of websites going for shared hosting as a preferred entry level hosting option.