Shared web hosting is a quality web hosting solution generally recommended for enterprises that are just starting out and need the services and support of a reliable and efficient hosting service without having to spend heavily from their limited budget. Shared hosting provides space for the websites and can host multiple sites in an integrated set-up. All these sites have the same operating system. You can choose from Windows and Linux shared web hosting options. Here are the reasons why Linux OS is the preferred choice of most business owners.

Open Source Hosting System That’s Highly Flexible

Linux hosting makes use of Linux operating system on the server. Linux is a free, open source hosting system and is one of the most popular open source operating systems available on the market. Its high flexibility and user friendly handling makes it the choice of many companies that are just starting out. Of course, cost is also a key factor in the choice of Linux shared web hosting.

Most Resources On Linux Can Be Accessed Free Of Cost

Linux also allows the use of PHP, Python, CGI, and Pearl. These are extremely popular choices for webmasters. Hosting experts agree unanimously that Linux is the most stable choice for your hosting needs and has the ability to provide more features that can be used for free. Most features of Windows OS needed for a smooth hosting experience come with a fee. 
\r\nYou can use ASP or ASP.NET with Windows hosting. However, both of these applications are not exactly user friendly. Those who are not familiar with IT processes will find these systems a bit more difficult to handle. That’s another key reason why Linux is the preferred choice of many developers, webmasters, and bloggers.

User Friendly And Affordable

You can use Linux for free for your shared hosting needs as it is an open source platform. As a startup enterprise, this can help you in keeping prices lower. Linux shared hosting also comes with many free to use scripts like Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, phpBB, and others. This can be extremely beneficial for entrepreneurs looking for a reliable and effective shared hosting solution that does not entail heavy initial expenses.

Offers High Flexibility

With a Linux server, you can do many things on your website. You can create a blog, multimedia application, forum, and more. Linux comes with a General Public License. This makes it ready for use with distributions, such as SUE Linux, Red Hat, and Ubuntu. It is evident that Linux is significantly more flexible than other operating systems.

Security Is Foolproof

Shared hosting is not regarded as the best when it comes to the security aspects. As there are many users on the same server, your data and vital business information might be susceptible to unauthorized access. You can easily avoid such situations with Linux shared server hosting. Linux has been proven to be more secure than most of the other operating systems. It is also one of the most reliable systems as most users will aver.

A Simple OS That Can Be Handled By Tech Novices As Well

Linux shared hosting is known for its simplicity. User friendliness is undoubtedly one of the key features of Linux and that’s why it is preferred by most businesses and individuals. Linux supports MySQL, Perl, and PHP which means it can be handled even by those who are not very technically savvy.

To enjoy all the above mentioned benefits of using Linux shared hosting, it is imperative that you choose a server hosting service with impeccable credentials, unmatched experience, and an impressive track record. There will be many web hosting services vying for your business but the best one can be easily recognized if you know what to look for.

What To Look For While Choosing Linux Shared Hosting Service

The best Linux shared hosting service must offer the best hosting infrastructure and guaranteed maximum uptime. You must also be able to enjoy unlimited space and email support. The system must be flexible and scalable to accommodate your fluctuating traffic needs. No hosting service can be said to be truly efficient unless they offer round the clock customer support through a team of dedicated technical staff. This can ensure that problems are nipped in the bud and sorted out before they can cause any impediment to your business operations.

The web hosting services you have shortlisted must have a control panel that’s easy to use and performance driven. A cPanel with WHM or Web Host Manager which is a program that allows administrative access to the backend of cPanel must be available for your use. The Linux shared hosting package must be ecommerce-ready so that you can start your business operations straightaway without having to wait for complicated technical installations. Finally, look for features like reliable 24/7 support, guaranteed uptime, and the best infrastructure. If you find a Linux shared web hosting service offering all these, go grab it now.