The advent of technology has made it apparent that no business can envision growth without a website to back it up.  Online presence is a must for all size businesses; this is what forecasted in numerous online journals, magazines and research reports.  There is no denying the fact that Internet users are increasing at the faster pace.  According to a recent report, around 2.92 billion (2014) users are using internet to view, share and accomplish various personal and professional objectives. This self-states the importance of Internet for a business to present, promote and market product/services through this mode of communication. 

However, all this is only possible if you pick a right web hosting solution for your business. A bogus web hosting plan can make you a victim of your own failure.

Now let's discuss in detail at how feeble web hosting services can plan can curtail your business growth:

Some of the shared web hosts may provide you hosting plans at extremely low price, however these plans can breakup anytime and be a major factor behind slow website performance. 

Network Breakdowns: Poor network connectivity will obstruct your website performance showing delayed response to both existing and prospective users.  This in turn can ruin your online experience. 

Business Availability: Meager web hosting solutions not let your website to rank on major search engines. Dropping SEO ranks will be a disadvantage for your business as your users will not find your company product/services in accordance to their search query. 

These web hosting companies majorly earn money by posting advertisements, which may increase the frequency of downtime and expose your website to vulnerabilities.

On the contrary, a reliable web host will give you more features and technical support for your online business. In fact, it will help your business to enter into the success orbit and drive growth.