Both shared hosting and Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting have several features in common. These web hosting techniques accommodate multiple customers in one particular server and offer individual compartments to each user to save documents separately. These two web hosting techniques are affordable and mainly catered to SMBs. Small scale organizations hire these web hosting processes because of affordable rates.  Customers often get confused in between these two types of web hosting techniques.                 

Besides these similarities, there are some unknown dissimilarities as well. In a shared server hosting, the operating system is chosen by the web hosting provider. A VPS user has the freedom to select their preferred operating system of his choices.

Secondly, a Windows shared web hosting user often allowed to access the data without any authorized permission. So, anyone can log in to a shared hosting server and confidential data can be leaked at any point of time. A shared server hosting lacks privacy in many departments. On the other hand a VPS hosting server is comparatively more secured. A user needs to type the credentials before accessing the data. So, customers can be assured of basic security services with a VPS hosting than a shared server hosting. 

The best secured hosting process is a dedicated hosting server. A single server is being used by one single customer and the user has the complete access details to use stored data. It is a fact that a dedicated server costs you more and not affordable to all.  A dedicated server is the best choice for enterprises and there is no use if very less data is been stored in a dedicated server. It offers huge space and a user needs to make most of the use of the unlimited storage space.