Shared hosting is also known as shared service or virtual hosting. In this service, various web sites actually share the same server which in the long run reduces the cost of everyone.

This Thanksgiving Day, your business can invest in a Windows shared hosting. With its help, your official website will be hosted on a server that also hosts hundreds of other web sites. The numbers might overwhelm you but it is workable because websites do not produce sufficient traffic or consume too much of resources. So there is no problem at all!
Best part about investing in a shared hosting provider during Thanksgiving is that you can leverage awesome benefits in the form of discount coupons and attractive offers. Such a service is best for private websites, small businesses, as well as for medium sized businesses because such organisations do not have too much ofhosting needs.

During festivities and holidays, shared hosting provider offer more disk space, unlimited email accounts as well as more data transfer that caters to all organisational needs. Websites do not consume their quota and still work out properly.

Most people and businesses fail to use up the provided features because they select a provider on the basis of a feature lists. This is a bad way of selecting a shared host. Instead they should stick to the following points:

- Instead of selecting a server type, go with a Linux-based or Windows-based server 
- While Linux based servers are cost-effective but if you want to run apps that require Microsoft OS, go with a Windows server.
- Windows-based servers help to run specific apps and custom applications written in Microsoft .NET. 

Go through a wide range of Web hosts in Linux and Windows before drawing the financial trigger. There lies just one small problem with shared hosting and that is certain web hosts oversell their offerings. Good servers contain just 1 gigabyte of memory and hundreds of sites fight for the same pool of resources (memory, CPU cycles, and bandwidth). So avoid such a provider and stick with a good provider of shared hosting whose reputation precedes the services.