When you are planning to start a new blog, you will need to find the right web hosting solution for it. This is perhaps one of the greatest challenges faced by bloggers in India today. While free hosting sounds perfect for a new blogger, it is recommended that you avoid such services because these come with multiple drawbacks and limitations. You will end up facing many technical problems if you decide to choose free web hosting, although you may feel satisfied about saving a lot of money. In such a situation, it is advisable to choose a reputed web host which can offer you cost-friendly shared hosting in India. In shared hosting, there is a single server and its resources are shared collectively among many users residing on the same server.

How can the blogger choose a web hosting plan?

Almost every web hosting service provider offers reliable shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting plans. You can choose the hosting solutions of your choice depending on your budget and business needs. Each of these plans can choose either Windows or Linux as its operating system. Linux servers for instance are highly recommended for WordPress websites. Shared hosting plans are found to be the ideal hosting alternative for web masters and bloggers because these are cost-effective. For a new blogger, the budget is never high and he will find shared hosting plans perfect for starting off. Both dedicated servers are VPS hosting plans are likely to be much costlier for the new blogger; when the blog starts to get more traffic, he can slowly upgrade to VPS hosting.

Why is shared hosting in India considered the best hosting alternative for the new blogger?

To start with, shared hosting is found to be most viable for newcomers in the world of web hosting because these are affordably priced but allow you to enjoy unlimited bandwidth, disk space and memory. Shared hosting plans are good to start with and when you find that your WordPress website is eating up too many resources, you can seek to optimize your site instead of migrating to a new host altogether. You can optimize the databases; remove plug-ins etc to accelerate the loading speed for your site without changing your web host.

Those keen to write blogs only on their website will benefit from share hosting plans primarily because the traffic to the site will be remarkably slow at the beginning. The costs for such shared hosting plans will be substantially lower compared to dedicated hosting or VPS hosting leaving them with financial resources to develop other areas of their business. For start-up websites, shared hosting plans are enough to handle the traffic without the site facing downtime. The hosting charges are nominal, about $5-$10 per month as compared to nearly $25 for dedicated servers.

While there have been critics of shared hosting pointing out that this form of hosting may end up pushing the site rankings down, in reality, it has been proved through research by a web spam engineer from Google that this condition will not affect a site’s ranking. At the same time, it is important to select a reputed and reliable host that will guarantee you a high uptime. Most web hosts provide excellent resources for incredibly low rates and you need to check their customer service and performance before signing up. When you are confident about getting more visitors to your site, you can always upgrade to a quality VPS hosting plan.