Shared web hosting is preferred by individuals, small and growing businesses, web developers and web masters because it helps them enjoy the advantages of a fairly reliable hosting service at an affordable price. It is one of the most popular web hosting server types primarily because of its low cost and other specific features but it does not work out for all types of users. 

Not The Best But Shared Web Hosting Has Many Benefits

Unlimited shared web hosting providers can help you host your website for a very low cost and with minimal hassle. While it is definitely not the best of hosting options, shared web hosting can be a smart choice if you make the right selection in terms of hosting package and features. However a shared web hosting does have its own pros and cons. Make sure you research you option thoroughly before you make the final choice.

The biggest advantage of using shared web hosting is that it is simple to understand and very easy to use. The server can be easily managed by even beginners and those with no web hosting experiences. And you can get started immediately as there is no painful and tortuous waiting time with shared web hosting. 

As Secure As Any Other Hosting Service

Users are not required to handle the complex server configuring tasks all by themselves. The service providers will set up the shared server and install and upgrade all required software. They will also keep a close watch on the servers to make sure downtime is avoided. The server’s safety and website uptime is managed by quickly fixing any security issues that might come up.

You are provided with the hosting control panel and other tools needed to manage your website and applications. These tools can be used to run your server independently without any interference from the hosting providers or administrators. All you have to do is add your domains and website to the server and you are done. If you choose a dedicated server however, the web host will require a day or two to set up the server. Besides, they will only set up the server’s operation system. Any additional configuration or customized service will cost you an extra fee.

Unlimited Space And Domain

Most shared hosting services provide unlimited domains and space. It allows you to add any number of websites to the same hosting package. You can host all sites under the same account conveniently.

For small and startup companies with a limited budget and looking for an affordable web hosting service, shared web hosting is cheapest hosting option available. You can reduce your server management expenses significantly and use the money to focus on development of other critical areas of business. You will be paying for just a small portion of the whole server cost.

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