When a business or individual decides to have an online presence, shared hosting surelycomes into mind. This is due to the fact that it is the most fundamental, easy to set-up and cost-effective solution that allows businesses limited to concrete and bricks store to extend their reach. Till date, there are numerous companies dependent on shared hosting services and earning living out of that.  However, before you proceed to buy a shared hosting plan, there are certain things that you need to consider for building strong online presence.  There is no denying the fact that a single minute of website downtime can be a constraint to your revenue generation objectives. 

This blog will help you comprehend how meager shared hosting plan can drag your business to pit and the ways you should consider to avoid any mishaps with your business-critical website.

Quality Management Services: When you opt for shared hosting solution for your business website, there are multiple numbers of sites that are hosted on the shared server which you may not realize at the time of plan subscription.  If the demand of other site surpasses the certain limit, there are chances for server crash entailing downtime for all the websites. If your website is hosted on a shared server, you need to ensure that it is consistently monitored by experts and adequate amount of computing resources should be there to cater to the changing business demands. 

A Simple Miss Can Have Adverse Impact: When subscribing a shared platform for your website, the network uptime mentioned by the shared hosting provider needs to be evaluated. Even a fraction of network downtime percentage can gravely affect your website performance. Opting for a plan that offers less than 99.95% uptime is not at all advisable.
Website Monitoring Makes Sense: When you are done with the selection process, you need to look for the security modules that provider has implemented to keep your confidential transactions & data protected. To ensure your websites are up and running, you can also subscribe website monitoring solutions that will keep a vigilant eye on your site performance and will update you with all the details pertaining to your website.

To conclude, embracing shared hosting solutions offered by reputed web hosts with enterprise-grade compute resources and hardware will help businesses to trigger growth.