The web is continuing to expand as a communications and business vehicle, and if entrepreneurs do not harness the benefits offered by the internet then they are fighting a losing battle.  

Businesses and individuals who need a strong online presence have no other option but to launch a website that is accessible to the public via the internet. 

To launch a powerful and effective website, support of a hosting company helps a great deal. 

Without a help from a hosting company, a business would require to manage a web server and maintain a high speed connection from the web server to the internet. This is not a cost effective or a practical proposition to most entrepreneurs. 

A good hosting vendor helps a company create a business website and establish a robust online presence without the expenses of maintaining pricey server equipment.

Shared web hosting is a good start, because it is cheaper than other options and is adequate for businesses that anticipate low to moderate traffic.

Here is how shared web hosting works

Shared web hosting is an environment where a web service coexists with other websites on a common physical server. This approach results in efficiencies and cost savings. 

For a visitor however, the business website will appear as if it is on its own server. The home page has its own domain name but the website shares a server with other entities.
The hosting service provisions, stores and monitors the website and makes sure it is up and running 24x7.
Once a company's domain is registered, the hosting service provides space so that the client can upload pages on to the web server. 

In addition, the shared web hosting provider makes available to the client, internet based account management and an administration site from which the client can access extensive online tools. 

These tools enable the client to manage content, emails and security levels. 

The key advantages of shared hosting are it is an affordable web hosting solution, and the client gets an assortment of services in the shared mode. 

Of course, some drawbacks exist such as compromised quality of the website and decreased speed of loading.  But these negative aspects are tolerable for startups that need a budget friendly solution and a good web presence. 

It is also essential for an entrepreneur to carefully choose a shared hosting service. With plenty of hosting vendors in the market, each offering unique features, the choice can be overwhelming.

Here are a few tips that should make it easy to choose an appropriate shared web hosting vendor.
- A sufficiently large amount of space: Many shared web hosts promise unlimited space. But in reality they may be offering space which most clients cannot use or offering space that can be scaled to any amount but for a consideration.
- Offer of Money back guarantee 
- Offers data back up
- Provides technical support

A reliable shared hosting service with the right technology is an indispensable solution to provide a powerful boost to a company’s brand name.