The advent of web hosting companies has enabled online businesses to breathe a sigh of relief. This has been possible due to a plethora of vastly improved services that arereadilyavailable. Multipletiers have thus begun to line up in order to offer brand new features as well as promises. 

Yet, there are some drawbacks of hiring low-quality and lowly priced web hosting services. These include slow connections, slow hosts, cyber-crimes and dropped servers. These problemscan be warded off by hiring a reliable shared hosting provider.

At present the fractured hosting market includes varying levels of services thatare different from numerous features which are associated with multiple tiers. The stratification is because businesses growin leaps and bounds. As a result, personal online branding occupies an important place. Such demanding business needs are catered using high-tech hosting features. This is where the need for managed server hosting arises. 

Managed servers feature certain services which eventually end up in dedicated hosting. One cannot deny that the market for hosts has now become highly competitive. It has become all the more attractive especially for bloggers and new online companies which mainly look for low prices.

A recent report from Cisco reveals that web hosting centers are popular origins for cyber criminals who want to attack sensitive data hosted by government bodies. Resultantly, some governing groups have approved increased security options. Moreover, a huge number of solutions have been made available by means of web hosting. 

Thus, cloud hosting has attained additional customers across the globe today. Bloggers,and content-focused companies are now able to leverage application-based hosting.
Additionally, new trends such as green hosting and VPS hosting have given businesses a winning edge. 

This has caused more purchasing power within the web hosting market where providers render lucrative Linux/Windows hosting plans. Hence, some companies deploy trouble shooters, consultants and enablers exclusively for the clients. Features such as near-100% reliability are rendered to ensure that the customerscan pay on a per month basis.

Thus, reliability is now delivered as a service, especially for US based consumers. No wonder that they have switched their service providers in the past year. According to a leading research firm, clients are now seeking out for new providers.

Besides reliability, high speed is a criterionwhich has become popular within the low lowest tiers. This means lower site-load times, which is applicable on a shared/dedicated host. Hence, primary investment opportunities have been devised for hosts in the upcoming year. Apart from this, security has also become a feature as far as managed server safetyis concerned.

Keeping these features in mind, hosting companies will offer the following features: 

- Mobile Web Server Support: Hosts will offer features which are directed towards mobile optimization, tool development and mobile-specific data reports. 
- Cloud Innovation: Cloud platform will be used to exchange information between companies. An array of vendors across the WWW will offer resources to ensure the same.
- Information hubs: Web hosts will now offering more insight and advice to include news, infographics, trends and tips.
- Reseller Experimentation: Reseller hosting and support will boost businesses to purchase hosting features.

Therefore, the rising competitiveness of the web hosting industry has made consumers benefit from existing prices, in order to accelerate business websites and SaaS software.