These days, organizations are cognizant while selecting web hosting platform for their critical applications. Truly, no enterprise can grow without having a complete knowledge and understanding of the market drivers, new technological breakthroughs and conducting competitive analysis. A feeble approach or hosting platform is a constraint to business progression. 

Today, market is overflowing with hundreds of web hosts, offering a range of web hosting options that include shared hosting, VPS hosting, or dedicated server hosting. These hosting solutions provide a way to interact with the global markets. 

Among all, shared hosting is the most affordable platform allowing small-scale businesses that can't afford heavy investment, however want to have their on-line presence Not only small-sized businesses get benefited from this affordable web hosting solution, but also individuals who own blogs to share their thoughts.
Hosting providers available today are in abundance, helping organizations to choose a desired plan to match their business standards. These plans can be easily customized to deliver desired outcomes.

Now let's understand how shared web hosting services help small-scale businesses to easily and cost-efficiently enter into the world of World Wide Web:

Pricing: Shared web hosting solutions are highly cost-effective. It provides easy entrance for companies in exchange of nominal subscription fees. However, it completely depends on the type of plan a business avails.
Complexity: These plans are easy to go with. As all the maintenance and management related tasks are performed at the service provider's end, clients subscribing these plans need not worry about it. Right from software patching, monitoring, software installation, service pack up-gradation and security software installation, all tasks are performed at the vendor's end. 

Support: Most of the service vendors offer 24X7 technical support for prompt query resolution. However, this completely varies from vendor to vendor. Timely query resolution is must for flawless business performance. 

Service Availability: Well, this too depends on the service provider you are going to get associated with. To be on the safer side, you need to ensure that you are availing services from a Tier III data center that offers no less than 99.95% SLA on network availability. For on-line businesses, it is unquestionably essential to remain up and running all the time.

Key Pointers that you must keep in mind while choosing a web host:

- The service provider should be reliable and must own a best-in-class data center. Here, I would recommend my readers to do primary research, read feedbacks, user reviews and inquire about the hosting vendor through forum participation.
- Ensure the policies and practices followed by the host to keep your critical data and assets in compliance with your company's policies.
- Check the configuration, bandwidth and validate the number of client's hosted on one dedicated server. 

Remember, the more will be the client hosted on the shared server, the less will be the resources available to cater to your business demands. Therefore, you need to ensure the number of users your provider is going to host on a single server.