Shared web hosting refers to a kind of web hosting where the hosting service provider offers an entire server for multiple websites. This means that there is more than one site using the same physical server, sharing the server resources like bandwidth and disk storage space. Most web hosts will offer attractive shared hosting packages. Shared web hosting is more popular than other forms of hosting like dedicated hosting and VPS hosting because it is incredibly cheap. It is ideally suited for individual or personal websites and sites that are not likely to get a lot of web traffic. When you sign up for shared web hosting, you will be given a space for housing your website; you will have co-habitants sharing the same physical server but enjoying distinct spaces. These co-users will however share the disk storage space, network, computing resources etc. Since resources are shared, costs of shared web hosting are far lower than other types of web hosting.

How does shared web hosting work?

Shared hosting is definitely the preferred choice for smaller sites which are just starting out or do not get a great deal of traffic. These sites will have lesser security concerns and need cost-friendly web hosting solutions that only shared hosting plans can guarantee. In shared web hosting, every user has limitations on services like monthly traffic, FTP and email accounts, disk space, databases etc. Shared hosting is most economical because the costs of each server are borne by multiple users. This means more savings for each user.

What are the benefits of choosing shared web hosting?

- The biggest advantage of course is the low prices associated with shared web hosting. Since resources are shared amongst many users, costs of maintaining the server are also shared. You will not need to take care of the technical maintenance of the server and its equipments because these are handled by the hosting provider. Most web hosts will offer a user-friendly control panel which allows clients to create and edit their websites easily. 

- Shared hosting will also save you a lot of time and effort that you would have to otherwise expend on maintaining and monitoring the server. This makes this the most affordable web hosting ideal for smaller businesses and personal websites. Sometimes shared hosting may also be offered free of cost; but it is better to avoid such hosting providers because the processing speed may be deplorable, causing your site to slow down and crash.

- You do not need a lot of technical expertise to be able to upload web pages using shared hosting plans. Running sites on a shared hosting platform therefore is easy and hassle-free and will not demand professional expertise.

- Shared web hosting also guarantees effective use of the server space, bandwidth etc and usually you will also get sufficient bandwidth to run other websites.

- Shared hosting is not only low-priced but also supported by efficient technical staffs. When your site malfunctions in a shared environment, it may affect the functioning of other sites residing on the same server, prompting the web host to resolve the issue without delay. In comparison, in dedicated hosting, a technical glitch may cause your site to slow down; if you are responsible for server management and monitoring, then it is your onus to get it resolved.

These are some of the strongest advantages of shared web hosting; these make this type of hosting perfect for businesses which are just starting out and do not have the funds or the technical expertise to afford dedicated servers.