Experiments help in new inventions. There are web hosting companies which offer all kinds of hosting solutions. Web hosting providers are planning to introduce new latest upgrades on shared web hosting service. Among the series of updates which include Free Solid-State Drives (SSDs), Unlimited Websites, Secure Shell Access or SSH and an array of new development tools for the engineers and more. This initiative is to attract more businesses for shared web hosting customers and especially the SMEs. 
Web hosting organizations have now turned their focus for implementing the new ideas for shared hosting plans. The most important reason is they want to cater to more people and the hosting companies are eager to expand their diameter of shared hosting customers. It is fact that starts up organizations and small and medium sized companies are more interested in hiring the shared web hosting solutions because of the affordability.   

Web hosting companies were focusing on different dedicated web hosting plans. Now, most of these web hosting providers have decided to market shared web hosting with best and latest technology for more improved hosting solutions. The hosting providers also focusing on the blazing speeds for the hosted websites.

Means websites will run at blazing speeds, far faster than even the fastest websites run on traditional hard disks. Customers choosing the top-tier Pro plans from InMotion Hosting will also enjoy unlimited websites, and a unique Service-Level Agreement (SLA), guaranteeing their websites’ uptimes, backed by InMotion Hosting's award-winning customer service.

For power users and developers, InMotion Hosting is also rolling out a series of tools to ensure they have everything they need to make their web hosting experience the best in the business. SSH makes it easy and secure to work on your website from anywhere in a granular way. Plus, InMotion Hosting's shared hosting plans now support Ruby and PostgreSQL, two powerful and popular languages that many website backends use. Power users will also appreciate that InMotion Hosting runs all of its services on Better Linux, a faster, more reliable server operating system.

Finally, InMotion Hosting announced that all of its shared servers will feature improved integration with Google's Gmail and with the entire suite of Google Apps, to make it easier for Google users to run their apps on InMotion Hosting served websites.