Shared web hosting is also known as virtual hosting service. This derived host is used by many websites which reside on a single web server. Every website in this model has a private partitionon the server. 

Shared web hosting fits the needs of business owners when it is used as a service. The reliability of this solution isheavily dependent on the size of the web sites which are hosted upon it. Biggest subsidy of adopting this service is its low-price model, this cost advantage acts as a decisive factor for buyers. 

How is it implemented?

There are two ways in which shared web hosting can be accomplished:

- Name-based or shared IP hosting: Here virtual hosts serve multiple hostnames on one machine (one IP address). A web browser requesting for a resource from web server on HTTP/1.1 alsohas the entreated hostname in the request. This information is used by the server to select a displayable web site. 

- IP-based virtual hosting or dedicated IP hosting: Here, every virtual host contains a different IP address. Multiple physical network interfaces (otherwise called virtual network interfaces) are configured on the web server. IP address which clients connect with is used by web server software fordetermining which web site to display. IPv4 address exhaustion issue further rationalizes the fact that a website must use its own SSL certificate and not a shared certificate to show that it has a dedicated IP.

Apart from these, some control panels also carry a mixture of name-based and IP-based implementations on the server.On such shared web hosts, there is no need to perform technical maintenance procedures on the server especially while running programs. This is the reason why most web site owners across the globe go with shared hosting solutions. Apart from being affordable, shared hosting plans do not involve Linux administration skills. Making use of this web hosting solution entitles the user to upload any givenweb based system as well as configurethe same. Majority of shared hosting providers deliver certain services by means of a user-friendly Control Panel. The GUI is web based and enables easy uploading. Besides, creation of email accounts and database through such a medium is also hassle-free. 

Therefore, Linux and Windows shared hosting is a time saving means of server maintenance. No wonder it is a highly preferred choice for smaller web sites across the globe.