One can term the plethora of advantages presented by shared hosting providers as an e-lure which is why old and vulnerable businesses are also getting e-smitten!  No wonder that over the years, many Windows shared hosting providers have sprung up; they have been consistently catering to the critical needs of businesses through their offerings. 

Such service providers strive to ease down business operations in small to mid-sized organizations. 

Some major reasons why these hosting relateddeliverables can prove to be beneficial are as follows:

- Shared hosting providers ensure that unlimited disk space and bandwidth are offered.

- Many of them render interesting website building templates and easy to manoeuvre tools at absolutely no extra charges!

- Such service providers also have an efficient tech-support team that caters to customer concerns round the clock.

Other web hosting features have been enlisted below:

- They come with flexible control panels that user-friendly and have a simple GUI

- Many sub domains, FTP Accounts and numerous email accounts can be created as per the needs of the company

- There is a 99.9% uptime guarantee which further empowers business functions.

- There is no specific contract feature in Windows hosting packages. Some of them amazingly include a money back guarantee as well! 

- Many providers are certified and also carry valid licenses backing the offerings

After going through the above points, you would wonder that how can your enterprise benefit from a windows hosting service? Keep reading to unleash the answer. 

Seamless Windows shared hosting renders stupendous control and awesome flexibility. This is due to the presence of highly powerful Plesk Panels, IIS (Internet Information Services) as well as hosting features such as the Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2. Together with such a robust infrastructure, a full-bodied ASP and ASP.Net platform caters to the needs of all your business operations. Amazingly these are accessible at low prices too!

Such services are further backed by award winning support and also an extensible Windows Server 2008 R2. Ultimately the personal and enterprise windows web hosting packages accessible to you are tailor designed by shared hosting providersto suit specific technical needs so that maximum benefit is reaped out of the same.