Rapidly changing business landscape urges CEOs and business professionals to strategize an array of different techniques in order for sustaining in marketplace along with improved revenue. Some organizations make strategies to improve customer service, some strive to bring revolution in the market with new products and other attempt to boost income through additional marketing and promotion. These methods are capable of generating added revenue even in adverse economic environment. However, the most effective solution for elevating the level of profit is not by increasing expenditures on wooing new customers but by analyzing the overall business cost prior to making investment. For companies with an online presence, exorbitant web hosting costs can adversely affect the profit margins, impelling website owners to look for low-cost hosting solutions like Linux shared web hosting that guarantee to maximize their return on investment (ROI).

Shared Hosting Provider Provides Linux Shared Web Hosting Platform at an Affordable Price

There is no denying the fact that web hosting is often involved with balance performance requirements and budget considerations. In fact, reliable shared hosting providers urge organizations to obtain advantages of Linux shared web hosting if their websites draw moderate traffic. This is because this web hosting solution can have a significant impact in lowering the total cost of ownership, including initial costs, ongoing costs and the cost of integrated software.

Setup Costs: It is important to note that the Linux operating system is free to use regardless of usage purpose and as a result, the shared hosting provider will setup your Linux server for free, saving money substantially.

Monthly Costs: For companies availing Linux shared web hosting solutions, the monthly fees charged are significantly lower as compared to dedicated server hosting plans. There is a revelation that shared hosting providers mostly use popular Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, CentOS or Debian to slash the monthly costs to a great extent.

Software Costs: Linux is the pillar of the open source ecosystem and numerous free applications are developed to deploy in it ranging from PHP and MySQL to Zen Cart and WordPress, thereby making Linux shared web hosting affordable and effective for SMBs.